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Tanzania Safari – Enjoy Watching Animals In Their Natural Habitat

Tanzania positively bursts with wildlife and wonders. Home to many beautiful sights and sounds, this country in East Africa enjoys the best of what nature has to offer, making a journey there a trip of a lifetime. Visitors from all over the world come to Tanzania for one main reason- the great outdoors. Whether it is wildlife or the breath-taking wonders of the land, there’s something for everyone here. The best way to experience it all is through a safari. There’s nothing like getting a close look at majestic animals in their natural habitat.

Your Tanzania safari tours can be as short or as long as you want it to be. Anywhere between 4 days to a week or more will give you a taste of all you can experience, leaving you with a desire for more. Here are a few options for the safari experience.

Luxury Safari

If you want the whole nine yards, the red carpet treatment, then opt for the luxury safari. No more roughing it out at campsites and outdoor bathrooms. This is high end tourism at its most luxurious. Stay on some fabulous property and enjoy all the amenities that you’d want. Great food, comfortable linen, soft bedding, contemporary furnishings and fixings, and great company- all can be had right there in the middle of the wilderness.

With this option you also get to fly in and out of Tanzania’s many national parks, giving you a fabulous bird’s eye view of the ground and the people. What’s more, depending on your group, you can choose an experience built just for you- privacy if it’s your partner and you, kid-friendly options for families travelling together.

A typical five day safari could start and end at the city of Arusha. At Maasai, you can marvel at the big cats, see other animals, and admire so many sights including highlands, the Serengeti plains, Lake Manyara and the Olduvai Gorge.

Cycling Safari

To get really close to the earth, what’s better than a cycling safari? Bask in the warmth of the African sunshine as you pass by wildlife- at a safe distance- and make your way through grass and under the trees. On this guided tour, you will get not only close to nature but you’ll find so many moments that will make you stop, get off your cycle and just gaze at whatever is in front of you. Get close to real living, understand the wisdom of the land and its people and take back memories and magic.

The four day West Kilimanjaro cycling safari gets you to stay at and explore Simba Farm. When you pay for your safari, you pay for everything including sleeping bags, transfers and transport. Make your way through quiet country roads with the benign mountain following every pedal. Picnic lunches and conversations add to the joy.

Camping Safari

Can you imagine living a few days in one of the many national parks that fill Tanzania with such gorgeousness? Your tent gets you so close to nature that you feel one with it. Set up camp at various spots in the park and move from place to place to get the whole experience. This is not an unsafe option because there are guards and rangers looking out for your safety. This is the most popular safari choice and a well-appreciated one. Don’t assume that camping means being uncomfortable. However, you might have to take all the necessary items along with you while going on a camping trip. You can find stores like Roam Adventure Co that can provide tents, mattresses, and all the essentials that are required for a camping journey. Planning your trip properly can give you those great meals, all the comforts of home, and good sturdy camping equipment.

If you really want to see nature, check out the week-long camping safari to Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngoro Ngoro Crater, and Tarangire. You can see the most amazing migration of the wildebeest, a sight like nothing else, and also explore the conservation area and highlands of Ngoro Ngoro. Whether it is elephants, zebras or wildebeest, you’ll get to see more animals than you can imagine. You can drive through the Serengeti National Park and follow the animals, step into history at the Olduvai Gorge where some of the earliest examples of human evolution were discovered. At the Conservation Area, you can feast your eyes on a whole swathe of animals including the warthog and the buffalo. The park is also home to some of the most dangerous predators like cheetahs, lions, leopards and jackals. Apart from the animals, the parks are known for their trees and birds, making the entire experience delightful and memorable.

Make sure you choose a safari provider who is trusted and reputed. Think of a group like Tanzania Expeditions with its experienced and trained guides. Safety is of utmost importance and your provider should be one who prioritises it as well. Respect nature and its animals and creations and enjoy your safari experience. It’s one you’ll want to repeat more than once.


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