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4 Non-Traditional Honeymoon Ideas

When most people think about a honeymoon they think beaches, umbrella drinks, sunshine, and just pure relaxation. While that does make for an excellent vacation and kick off to your happily ever after, not every couple wants to spend their entire honeymoon suntanning. If you and your sweetie find that you are in the group of people that prefers something outside the norm, here are four ideas to consider that will make for lifelong memories.

Bounce Around

Instead of picking one destination and spending your entire trip there, pick a region and see how many places you can go to from that central location. The western part of the United States is a great place to start looking because there is something for everyone. You could hike and see the Red Rocks in Arizona then day trip to the Grand Canyon, or you could spend a few days in Las Vegas gambling, seeing shows, walking the strip, and then travel by bus from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and hit up celebrity hotspots or even spend the day on the beach.

Explore Your Inner Child

Yes, a marriage is the start of two adults moving forward in life as a unit, but that does not mean that your honeymoon cannot be centered around the simple joys of child-like activities. Perhaps one or both you have a location in mind that holds treasured family memories, and you want to start that tradition yourselves now that you are a married couple. Or maybe you love an adrenaline rush and want to visit one of the top theme parks in the USA and spend your days holding hands up and down the rollercoasters and water slides.

Go on a Mission Trip

One of the most selfless things you can do is donate your time to a community or cause in need. While it would not be expected of anyone to spend their honeymoon doing so, if you are and your partner are geared towards this type of work, participating in a mission trip abroad might just be the best honeymoon you could take. You can spend this time bonding together over your shared love of helping others as well as learn new skills, meet new people, and truly make a difference. Your honeymoon is your own so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Have a Staycation

Who says you have to leave your own town to have a honeymoon? Forget about any rules you think you need to follow and consider a staycation. You can have just as fabulous of a time experiencing your own city as you could going elsewhere. Book a few nights in a pricey hotel you wouldn’t otherwise even consider, dine at the fanciest restaurants, or book an entire day together at an elite spa. If you decide to stay local, maybe you and your partner make a plan to unplug from friends and family so that you can truly connect and make that time feel as if you are away from it all. You might be surprised to learn that it is not necessarily the location that makes or breaks your honeymoon experience.


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