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Unravelling the underwater secrets when diving in Cyprus

The dive sites of Cyprus could easily be described as the underwater paradise of divers. The crystal clear water, all-year-round favourable weather conditions, rich marine life, absence of plankton and spectacular wrecks make diving in Cyprus the ideal location to come and experience the underwater world. A series of wrecks, spectacular underwater caves and rock formations await for you to explore, promising spectacular views and an unforgettable scuba diving experience. If this kind of adventure sounds like something that interests you, maybe you’d like to have a look at some surfing wetsuits so that you can have the right attire ready for when you go diving.

There’s something mysterious about the wrecks that rest on the ocean floor and only scuba diving lovers know the thrill when descending beneath the surface of the sea to find those hidden time capsules. Diving in Cyprus gives you the opportunity to delve back in history and uncover the past of the island – are you ready to unravel some of the Mediterranean sea’s sunken treasures and enjoy the natural beauty at its best?

Here are the best dive sites you must not miss when diving in Cyprus:

Zenobia Wreck – Larnaca

Zenobia or The Titanic of the Mediterranean Sea, as it is usually characterised, is one of the world’s best shipwrecks and joys for the scuba diving enthusiasts. The Zenobia Wreck was a large ferry that was travelling to Syria, when major technical operation problems caused the ship to sink. Its tragic story, monster size (178m long), depth (42m) and value, as well as the fact that both the ferry and cargo are almost intact, are what makes visiting this dive site in Cyprus even more intriguing – expect your heart to speed up with excitement! Unsurprisingly, Zenobia is now home for a wide variety of fish, including commonly seen groupers, barracudas, moray eels, tuna, and much more, which contribute to the natural enrichment of the sea. Zenobia is probably one of the best shipwreck dives in Cyprus!


Amphitheatre – Paphos

The unique rock formation and holes resembles the seating tiers of an ancient Greek open air theatre – hence, the dive site name ‘Amphitheatre’. The stunning underwater landscape made up from the nature-mimicking scene, corals, groupers, yellow spotted eels, trumpet fish and octopus are offering a once-in-a-lifetime show so don’t miss this fascinating experience. And if you are lucky, you might also see turtles making an appearance.

Green Bay – Protaras

Another popular dive site where you can go scuba diving in Cyprus is Green Bay. What’s special about this dive site is that you can find amphorae pottery, i.e. clay containers who were usually used in Neolithic Period to store wine, olive oil and other goods, and many statues. Its depth reaches 12m, so it’s ideal for beginner divers and those who enjoy night dives. The plethora of colourful sea nightlife creatures will make you want to immerse yourself in a real aquarium.

The Caves – Protaras

The Caves is the dive site that will keep you coming back year after year. What’s special about this diving point is the underwater network of tunnels, reaching 30m. Here you will find the biggest tunnel of the area with a depth of 12m and its exit at a depth of 7m, promising an unforgettable journey. Even though the cavern is more than adequately lit by natural sunlight, you should carry a torch so you won’t miss this thrilling, new experience and be able to observe all the different colour variations of the fish.

Lady Thetis & Costandis – Limassol

It is no secret that shipwrecks are compelling. There’s something about their submerged remains that make them fascinating to explore. With that in mind, the Limassol Marine Park, in 2014, decided to sunk on purpose Lady Thetis, a passenger ship, and Costandis, a fishing boat to provide a new dive site for tourists and a new habitat for reef organisms and fish. What’s special about those wrecks is that even though they are 200m away from one another, a year after they were sunk, a natural reef has been created to link the two.

There are even more dive sites that you can visit in all cities (Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos and Ammochostos), but the aforementioned are the not-to-be-missed ones. ABC dive Cyprus can guarantee that you will love diving in Cyprus and you will definitely want to come back for more. Words cannot describe the surreal sensations that you are going to feel underwater. A whole new world is opening up to you to experience the great diversity of the marine life and the wonders of the deep.

The sea in an exciting world, full of mysteries and adventures, awaiting to be discovered by explorers like yourself. Diving in Cyprus is like diving at an underwater museum – so make sure you make the most of it and bring a camera to capture all the caves, reefs, sunken treasures and famous shipwrecks that lie underneath.

In the meantime, check our website for more information – we cannot wait to welcome you all in Cyprus for an unforgettable scuba diving experience. Let us show you diving in Cyprus like you have never seen it before!

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