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A Cruise Packing List For Those Items That Can Make or Break Your Cruise Vacation

The day is finally about to arrive which you and your family have been waiting for. That is, the first day of your cruise ship journey! There’s no doubt that in the lead-up, you’ve exerted plenty of mental energy throughout the booking process in selecting the perfect cruise for your needs, the many add-on options and organizing the itinerary and finances. Then comes packing day – something few people actually look forward to. It’s stressful thinking about what to pack for the cruise given you might miss that very thing that could really make or break your vacation and relaxation time. Keeping in mind, sometimes these items will be available for purchase on the cruise ship, however, you’ll most certainly be paying a premium. So the best bet is to be prepared. Below is a special cruise packing list detailing those often forgotten items that will ease your stress considerably.

Motion sickness remedies:

When you are out in the sea it is common to get motion sickness or seasick. If anyone in the family has motion sickness it can easily spoil your holiday cruise. So it is important to carry motion sickness or sea sickness tablets, or even homeopathic remedies. A new remedy is the motion sickness patch which you just need to stick behind your ears and it will ensure that you do not get seasick.


In some cruise ships you need to wear full formal wear for a few of their events, so the first step is to find out what events will be showcased on your trip and if there is any specific dress code you’ll need to adhere. Nowadays, as a general rule of thumb, most cruise ships allow casual dresses at all events. Your choice of cruise clothing should be based on the places you are going to travel to. If it is the summer and you are sailing to the Mediterranean or if you are going to explore a few Caribbean islands, you should opt for cool cotton wear like those found in Bailey 44 and if you are sailing towards areas that are cold then you should always have warm clothing handy. Laundry services are available on most cruise ships but they can be costly so be sure to pack enough for your convenience.


For all those hours you’ll spend out on the deck lazying in the sun, be sure to follow simple sunsafe rules including wearing a hat and putting on sunscreen. There’s nothing worse than ending your holiday scorched red by the sun. It certainly leaves a sour taste to it.

Waterproof cases for your phone:

Since you will be lazying by the pool for prolonged periods of time, or stopping off on tropical islands and partaking in a few water-based activities, it is imperative to get a waterproof case for your phone. Your phone will be safe and you can also enjoy the activities without worrying about the odd splash or two getting your phone wet.

Mosquito repellent:

Tropical climates usually bring the hassle of mosquitoes. Having a mosquito repellent cream or a mosquito repellent band will come handy, so do not forget to pack one of these.

Power adapter:

North American and European power sockets are different and it can cause problems if you do not have a power adapter that works throughout the world. Ideally carry an all-in-one global power adapter to cover yourself for all occasions.


You can get some over the counter medicines on a cruise liner but if you have special directions from your doctor, it’s imperative you organize your supplies prior to departure. If you’re someone who suffers from anxiety or the likes of it, make sure to take your gravity bong and keep some weed handy. Keep them in an accessible place where you won’t accidentally forget about them. You should also pack the prescription as it may come in handy during some customs crossings.


You will have a lot of downtime on your cruise ship holiday, and while the cruise has many entertainment options, you may find yourself wanting to escape the crowds and chilling on your own. Bring along your iPad, a good novel, a pack of cards, or a board game so you can relax and enjoy some quiet time. If you are into vaping marijuana and the cruise regulation allows it, why not enjoy yourself? You can check out the blog pages of Weed Republic to know how to buy a vaporizer. After all, that’s what vacation is all about, right?!

Toiletry bag:

Even though cruise ships are luxurious, they tend to move a lot in the waves and your toiletries can move about in the bathroom. This can be a disaster waiting to happen will broken containers and spilled bottles. It is a good idea to get a toiletry bag and hang them in the bathroom so everything will stay in place. You can fold it back when done and stash it in your suitcase.

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