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Prepping For A Vacation? Ensure Your Home Is Secure First!

Suitcase packed? Check. Itinerary booked? Check. Wait a minute. Before boarding that plane, could there be something that’s missing? Yep. The house needs a little more security before going on vacation!

For most countries in the West, July and August are the most popular months to escape to a magical paradise halfway across the world.

Interestingly, these are also the months that home burglaries tend to go through the roof! Hmm, could there be a connection between the two?

For anyone looking to enjoy a worry-free vacation, the first thing they need to do is secure their home. Here’s a couple of measures to cross off your security checklist before sipping margaritas in Honolulu shortly!

Interior of the House

The first place one’s got to start is the inside of the house. So here are a few things to countercheck;

  • Setting timers for lights- This goes a long way in deterring burglars that have already made it past the fence. With lights periodically (let’s say after every 2-3 hours) going on and off, it gives the perception that someone is in the house.
  • Avert power surges- No one can ever know when a power surge is bound to occur. That being said, it’s wise to always disconnect electronics in the house. That includes the computer. Electronics, TV, and stereo. Alternatively, these devices can be plugged into a surge protector to ensure their safety. In terms of wireless technology, ensure to remove any materials that could cause disturbance with the signal.
  • Keep travel details on a public down-low- Isn’t it great to let friends and family see the amazing marine wildlife that the New Zealand offshore has to offer? Well, sharing the experience on social media platforms is great and everything, but keep in mind that it’s not only your close circles that are watching. There could be strangers just putting the dots together, and realizing that the house has been left unattended!
  • Give the alarm company a heads up– If one is leaving for a vacation for a certain period of time, then they should immediately alert their security company of the impending situation. This way, the company can cross-check that the alarm system is working perfectly, and that the house has been secured.
  • Last but not least, double-check to ensure all doors and windows have been locked. Don’t make it easy for the burglar to take those prized possessions!
  • Have a wireless doorbell system- In fact, wireless doorbell systems today can be used as extra security especially if homeowners have gone for vacation. Wireless doorbells are considered by many to be much safer than your average doorbell. Thanks to integrated video recording features put in place in high-end wireless doorbell with multiple receivers, they can serve as extra security to let homeowners know who paid them a visit while they were relaxing in a tropical paradise. All they have to do is access the recorded video via cloud storage! That being said, if one plans to add a wireless doorbell for extra security, they should first check wireless doorbell reviews before purchasing them!
  • Install a home security system- A good home camera system will make your house much more secure and will most likely deter criminals from attempting to burgle your home. A lot of people have been looking to getting a smart home system to help protect their homes when they go away on vacation. With the help of someone like these Crestron Installers your home could be secure.

Exterior of the house

Moving onto the exterior, what does one need to cross off the checklist? Here are a couple of things to consider;

  • Keep your house maintained- An unattended lawn can be quite conspicuous, especially in a posh neighborhood. Keeping your lawn mowed certainly gives the vibe that someone is still at home. It’s also a good idea to arrange for a window cleaner to come whilst you are away – not only do dirty windows suggest that nobody is currently living in the house, but if any potential burglars see a window cleaner at the property they will assume that people are there. You might also want to contact somebody like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Greensboro to come and clean out the gutters. A neglected home where nothing is going on is a sure-fire way to attract unwanted attention from potential thieves.
  • Ask your neighbors for help If you are friendly with your neighbors, then now is the time to call in for a favor. Ask your neighbor to pop round and open/close the curtains occasionally and switch different lights on and off, so the house still looks lived in. There’s no bigger giveaway that a house is empty than the curtains and lights not changing for weeks. You might even want to ask them to mow the lawn for you, or to trim the hedges a little. P.S. Ensure to return the favor next time!
  • Have some exterior lighting- Nothing deter burglars more than triggering off security lights to illuminate them in the dark. So ensure these are part of the security arsenal!
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