Different Types of Medical Insurance to Select

Travelling is an antidote to stress, monotony and routine. The travelling experiences make the person worldly wise and dynamic.  However, life is unpredictable, and one need safeguard oneself with insurance to cover in every journey. Whether you are doing an adventure journey or leisure, there is one crucial thing you need to carry along РTravel Insurance. Also sometimes called holiday insurance, buying one can safeguard from bad situations and travel nightmares you may face. Thanks to some reputed travel insurance companies that offer a wide ranging policy for the journey and keep us secured. There can be situations where you may encounter a delay of flights, last-minute cancellation, baggage loss or accident. Having travel insurance can help you to overcome these unforeseen situations.

A company like Fast Cover Insurance offer a range of travel policies that covers all types of vacations, including domestic, international, cruise, etc. Let us now check some of the types of holiday insurance policies you can choose and buy.

Comprehensive Trip Insurance

When we look for travel insurance, we come across different package plans which can be called Trip Insurance, Vacation Insurance, Comprehensive Travel Insurance, Trip Cancellation Insurance, etc. The comprehensive trip insurance plan covers various aspects of travel, including- cancellations, interruptions, natural disasters, etc. This type of insurance covers a lot of the needs of the traveller. This package plan is ideal for-

  • Cruises
  • Vacations
  • Family trips
  • Domestic or overseas

Domestic Travel Insurance

This insurance is offered if you are a regular traveller in your own country. These policies generally provides coverage for cancellation, baggage loss and personal liability.

Travel Medical

This holiday insurance helps in covering medical emergencies when you are in your journey. Also known as Travel Insurance, International Medical Insurance, and International Travel Insurance, it helps in covering medical emergencies, travels medical plans and other benefits. It is ideal for:

  • Vacations abroad
  • Business trips abroad
  • Long-term work or study abroad

Evacuation (Medevac)

Also called the Medical Evacuation, the policy covers emergency medical evacuation during any journey. This plan will help to take you to the nearest hospital or return home. There are times during the trip when you may face any health issues, and will end up costing you money. Thanks to this insurance policy, there is cover for medical expenses.

Travel Accident

If you are a frequent traveller and to cover yourself with the policy that helps during an unforeseen accident, then travel accident is the best.


In addition to the above-mentioned holiday insurance plans, you can also choose other types of travel policies. Connect with the reputed travel insurance company and have a stress free journey.