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Africa’s Hidden Gems

Virunga national park, Democratic republic of Congo
This is a world heritage site that is located on the eastern side of the country.It is a 7,800 square kilometer park that borders Uganda and Rwanda as well. Visitors can view the glow from the lava lake within the Nyiragongo volcano from this park. The diversity of ecosystems and landscape has no match anywhere in the world.

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The park is surrounded by plains of tropical forest in the north, high Alpine forest of the Rwezori Mountains, forests around 2 rivers, areas of swampland in the south and north of Lake Edward and forest on the hills of the Virunga volcanoes and amazing scenery of lava flow landscapes. Gorilla tracking in these mountains is the main attraction here but other fauna such as elephants, chimpanzees, buffalo, lions, leopards, hyena, warthogs, blue monkeys and black and white Columbus monkeys. The lake has crocodiles and hippo.

Mount Longonot, Kenya
This is a mountain that was formed from volcanic activity. They are located on the south eastern side of Lake Naivasha on the Great Rift Valley and 60 km North West of Nairobi the nations capital. It is surrounded by the Mount Longonot national park where a trail from the park runs up the mountain and around it.

There is forest cover to the crater floor and steam vents are fond around the walls of the crater. Various animals like the zebra, leopards, buffalo and giraffe call it home. The main attraction is hiking around the mountain and the viewing of the surrounding flora and fauna.

Groendal natural reserve, South Africa
These are conservation sites which sit on some rough terrain. It has natural streams and large ravines that visitors can view. It is surrounded by the mountain ranges of Groot Winterhoek making it an ideal spot away from the busy city life for many inhabitants and visitors. There are numerous bird species and mountain zebra which are rare.

Kidepo valley national park, Uganda
This is one of the best parks in the country. It covers an area of 1,442 square kilometers. It has some of the best savannah grasslands and some rough landscape at the end. There are forests that fill its high points and the area around the Lorupoi River is covered by acacia forest. Visitors are treated to views of cheetah, leopards, foxes, giraffes and over 5,000 species of birds.

Kgaswane national park, South Africa
This is the ideal spot for hikers where climbing its peaks through its grassland will definitely become a memorable experience. Visitors are treated to the wildlife at their natural settings as they enjoy the hike. Several antelope, leopards, caracal, black eyed jackals can easily be spotted in this park. The natural formations of the mountain rocks and plenty of vegetation leave lasting memories in after every visit. It is recommended that visitors partake in the hikes during the day so that the experience its beauty fully.

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