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 A Visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is a very beautiful city with Puerto Rico as its capital and largest city. It’s on the Atlantic coast. Here is a list of beautiful locations to visit in Puerto Rico:

Castillo San Cristobal

It was initially built by the Spanish to protect against land-based attacks on the city of San Juan. Old San Juan is a tremendously beautiful city judging from the ancient architectural designs. Some top places are

The Cathedral Of San Juan, Bautista

It is one of the oldest buildings in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The original structure was made of wood in 1521 but was destroyed by a hurricane and then rebuilt in 1540. It is placed in a strategic location near the dorks. This makes it accessible for travelers. It is the custom of most travelers to make the cathedral their first stop to thank God for safe travels.

Domes Beach

This beach is in the northwest region of Puerto Rico and it is popularly known for big wave surfing during winter. This is a very good place to relax and enjoy a burst of fresh air. You don’t want to miss out on the tropical fruits too and while enjoying the environment, you could also visit crazyvegas casino en ligne to play your favorite betting games for some thrilling and rewarding deals.

Gozalandia Falls

It is located in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico on the west side of the island. It features a 60ft waterfall as the main attraction. You get to enjoy a serene environment with beautiful greens. The area also has upper falls with another swimming area and rope swing. The main fall has a cave to dive and swim into. You can take a break by checking out real money pokies online.

Calle Fortaleza (The Umbrella Street)

This spot is one of a kind. It has colorful umbrellas hanging over the street between the buildings. They change colors occasionally depending on the theme. To get a nice picture at this spot, you need to get there early. You don’t want a crowd bombing your pictures.

Mofongo and Sangria

A heavenly delicacy! If you’ve never had a mofongo, try it out on your next visit to Puerto Rico. It is a combination of green plantains, garlic, salt, olive oil mashed together. You can add pork, seafood, or chicken.  It never goes wrong!

Local Outdoor Music

Music is pleasant to the ears but good music uplifts the soul.  The local concerts in Puerto Rico are wholesome. You can have a great time on the beach mixing with friendly locals at sunset. You won’t regret this thrilling experience.

Toro Verde

Who doesn’t love adventures? Rarely would you find anyone who doesn’t? Toro Verde is an adventurous site popularly known for its thrilling zipline ride. It has the second-longest zip line in the world at just over two miles long. It takes over two minutes to reach the other end of the zipline.

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