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10 Challenges you will Face When Travelling Alone

A while back travelling alone used to be an oddity. The situation has changed with many people opting to hit the roads alone. It is a rewarding and freshening experience with which comes challenges. Even though life on the road can be a thrill whose good experiences outweigh the hurdles, a solo traveller must be aware of the struggles they may encounter on their journey.

  1. Luggage Not Arriving

Though rare, this is one of the most infuriating challenges whether you are alone or not. Whether from a train or flight, you could wait for your bags only for them to take ages. The best way to deal with such a challenge is sourcing the services of a removal van. It will ensure that your luggage gets to you.

  1. Getting Lost

While some individuals have good spatial awareness, not all of us are good at it and end up getting lost once in a while. It is a horrible experience that could make you panic, especially when you are alone. Wherever you are, in a mall or town centre, you can utilise navigation software like google maps on your phone to get around. You could also seek the assistance of a uniformed authority.

  1. Security Problems

Even the safest places can turn into a security risk at any time. When travelling and alone, you become an easy target for muggers. It is vital to inquire from the local authorities on the safest routes to use, especially if you choose to enjoy the nightlife of the town or city you are visiting. Also, read on tips on safe travelling to keep you ready for any situation.

  1. Loneliness

Even though not everyone gets affected by boredom, it can be a mood killer if it ever happens to you. During the day you could be making new friends and laughing with strangers but, when everyone goes home, you find yourself alone in a foreign town wishing you were home. It is something normal, and if you plan your trip ahead of time you could be mentally prepared for your trip.

  1. Having your Luggage with You Always

When travelling with a friend, partner or family, you could take turns keeping an eye on your luggage as the other runs to the washroom. When alone, you do not have that option. That means, if you are on a queue to pay and you feel pressed, you may have to wait till you get your ticket and still go into the washrooms with your luggage.

  1. Falling Sick

Sickness could hit you at any time when travelling. It could be travel sicknesses like jetlags and sunburns or food poisoning. It could be agonising since you will have to take yourself to the nearest clinic and pharmacy. You will need to take care of yourself since no one you know is nearby. Ensure you carry all your medication and research on the kind of insects and weather of the place you are going. Stocking up before you go is important, so you may want to look at an online pharmacy and see how they can get you the medication that you need before going. It’ll also save you time to get everything else in order without having to make a stop at the pharmacy too.

  1. All Decisions Remain Yours

When alone everything you are going to do remains to be yours. Where you are to eat, visit and sleep becomes your decision solely. It may be a surprise, but even with planning, you will get to a point you are not sure what you want to do. The good thing is it builds your character and helps you find your happiness.

  1. No One to Take Your Photo

One of the awkward things to do is asking strangers to take pictures of you. Using a selfie stick makes you look displeasing. It is okay to ask someone to take your photo. You need to know how to ask politely. Take a step and learn how to do it in the local dialect.

  1. It is Costly

When travelling solo, you have no one to share costs with meaning things will be a bit expensive for you. Emergencies and change of plans could also dry up your account. Saving and having an emergency fund could go a long way to helping you.

  1. Having No One To Enjoy The Experience With

You could be standing and staring at something magnificent and craving to share it with someone. It will feel lonely, but the good news is this is the moment you could use to self meditate and reflect on your life.

The challenges above do not outweigh the good experiences that accompany solo travelling. It is a rewarding and wonderful experience. Plan well and enjoy your trip.

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