7 Ways To Save On Costs For Your Summer Holiday

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Travelling to most major cities in the world can be a bit costly especially with all the attractions and transport costs from one attraction to the next. Hopping on and off buses could really leave your pockets empty but if you opt to get a city pass it could save you the much needed money. A city pass allows you unlimited access to public transport within the valid dates on the pass, discounts or free entry into certain attractions and in restaurants or shops. As with any type of holiday, time is of essence and sometimes long queues may waste time to get to other attractions, a city pass will not only save you money on entrance but also time by avoiding the long queues to get ticketing at the gate. Public transport can be fantastic, and it can save you money! Click here to learn more!!


Just because a travel brochure looks impressive and pocket friendly at a first glance, it does not necessarily mean there are no better deals in the market. You can certainly make good use of the price comparison websites but with great care especially when purchasing travel insurance or booking flights and get the best possible deals in the market. As you shop around you will be shocked by the difference in terms of costs offered by other companies or airlines get one deal that fits well into your budget and make your move.(image by Mani Babbar Photography)

Graybit www.graybit.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - 7 WAYS TO SAVE ON COSTS FOR YOUR SUMMER HOLIDAY - PRICE


Travelling as a group is an exciting way to see the world together and also to cut costs on certain things such as accommodation and even travel insurance. Group travel insurance is normally cheaper as compared to buying an individual insurance policy and it helps in case of cancellations, illness while abroad and loss of valuable items.If you are travelling from one destination as a group it allows you to travel under one policy, it saves time and money than if each one of the group members was to buy an individual policy.


A campervan is an exciting way to tour a certain country or region; it is affordable and takes you to places you may never visit if you were confined in an ordinary hotel room. If you are into long term travelling, owning a campervan would not be a bad idea. You can travel around the country at your own pace. But you need to be covered on the insurance front before you do that because you never know what is going to happen on the road. To get the best insurance help on this matter, you could contact the likes of Staveley Head Insurance.

With most campervan companies competing to offer the best, the result is vans equipped with every imaginable items and fittings to make your campervan holiday as comfortable and convenient as possible. By hiring a campervan you can take a self drive tour saving on accommodation and transport to a destination of choice at your own pace. It is the best way to explore as you can stopover in a place of interest and take in all the beauty before hitting the road once again. This is the type of holiday that you can control. It might be worth having a look at www.rvreviews.net to find out what experiences other people have had with their RV’s and camper vans. If you were interested in eco friendly Rving, there are plenty of campsites that will accommodate you.


Most airlines, destinations and even hotel chains regularly offer special offers, discounts and even price reductions sometimes to promote certain packages or destinations and popularize them. Before you commit yourself to any travel package, look out for any available discounts, sometimes you may find that if you opt for a different destination probably offering the same experience may be cheaper than your first destination of choice may be due to an introduction of an airline or a new hotel, make use of such opportunities to save and sometimes to get out of the beaten path.(image by sarah lee)

Graybit www.graybit.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - 7 WAYS TO SAVE ON COSTS FOR YOUR SUMMER HOLIDAY - SPECIAL OFFER


During the day most buses, trains and ferries especially in touristy areas charge high prices to get from one place to the next. If you fall asleep easily with comfort not necessarily a major concern, you can make use of traveling at night from one place to the next. This will save you the hassle of having to spend money in a hotel room and at the same time, you will be traveling when you are meant to be asleep, so time will be saved as you travel sleep.


When you finally reach your destination, travel like a local in buses and trains rather than hiring cars. Car hire abroad can turn out to be such a costly affair that it may not be worth it at all. Take advantage of the local transport system and in this way you will even be able to make friends as you interact with the native people and get to learn a few things about their culture as you wisely save on transport.(image by Carolina Sarsfield)

Graybit www.graybit.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - 7 WAYS TO SAVE ON COSTS FOR YOUR SUMMER HOLIDAY - TRAVEL LIKE A LOCAL


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