5 Romantic Destinations for The Ultimate Luxury Honeymoon

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So, you got married, the big day is over, you spent so much of your time planning everything out to make your day perfect, from picking out some unique mens wedding bands (it took some time but you found the one you were looking for) to deciding on the color scheme of your wedding venue, you can now finally breathe a sigh of relief from all that hard work everyone has put in and take a look at all of your wedding pictures Indianapolis to re-live that amazing day, but now it’s time for your next adventure! Weddings are fun, but you haven’t been on your honeymoon yet! Now that’s the fun part. But with so many options of where to go, how do you possibly choose? Sure you could do the romantic option and go to Paris, but everyone does that. Here are some alternatives you might want to consider:


If you thought that your dream honeymoon in the sun should be somewhere south of the equator, you should probably try Greece. The numerous islands, the sun kissed golden beaches, crystal clear waters, splendid sunsets, delightful cocktails and luxurious hotels should be enough to seduce your mind towards spending your honeymoon holiday in Greece.

There is so much to see and do in Greece, whether you want to keep the holiday relaxing hopping from beach to beach and simply rollingyou’re your towel, or trying out one of the many watersports on offer. Inland, there are some fantastic hiking opportunities where you will be spoilt by postcard perfect views. From the island of love Cyprus to the beautiful Santorini and the tranquil Folegandros, you will definitely find a remarkable destination in Greece to start your wedded life together. Whether you want the vibrancy and glamour of Mykonos or the harmony and azure skies of Sifnos, the choice is all yours in Greece.(Image by Travelive Photos)

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Apart from its love for soccer, Brazil is known for its vibrant festivals, delightful cuisines and the coolest beach life on the planet. It is captivating and infectious and it is easy to fall for its charms after your luxury honeymoon here and making an excuse to come back for your anniversaries. Whether you are seeking a relaxed or adrenaline rushing honeymoon in Brazil, you have got it all. From it’s fascinating city of Rio de Janeiro, to the Bahia beaches in Salvador and the jaw dropping Iguazu falls, there is always a spot awaiting you for the ultimate luxury honeymoon in Brazil. Brazil also offers visitors the opportunity to venture further away from traditional tourist traps, whether it be visiting an indigenous tribe in the Amazon rainforest or an orphanage in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, a honeymoon in Brazil can be a honeymoon with a difference.(Image by Jackie & Mat)

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Sri Lanka is a tropical island that ticks all the boxes for anything you would wish for in a luxury romantic destination for your honeymoon. Luxury Sri Lanka holidays offer fantastic weather, packed with cultural punch, natural splendors galore, spicy cuisine and boasts of a rapidly growing number of exquisite boutique hotels offering a special place to relax after soaking up in the country’s rich heritage. If it is the beaches you want, you can spend some time tanning under the clear blue skies along the blissful Indian Ocean beaches. The food in Sri Lanka is incredible and even if you are usually shy of trying different curries and flavours, you won’t be able to resist in Sri Lanka where all the fresh local ingredients come together to make tantalising dishes that you will long be craving for after you return home.


With its awe inspiring beauty, spectacular wildlife, rich culture and its sun drenched white beaches, even the Royal Family have not been spared of its bewitching romantic destinations. Many people will want to get straight out on to a safari and spend there time seeking out all the fantastic species that roam through the national parks and game reserves. Kenya is also a great for wildlife spotting all year round so whatever time of year you get married you can be sure that you will have a fantastic safari experience. Kenya really is a force to reckon with when it comes to its luxury safari holidays, nonetheless it has more to offer than its wildlife and it’s landscapes provide endless variations offering many different activities. Whether you want to spend your honeymoon in a luxurious lodge with a view of the snow peaked Mount Kenya, enjoy the incredible hot springs in lake Bogoria after your dream Kenya weddingor laze along the palm fringed beaches of Diani, Kenya will intrigue you with its varied yet breathtaking options.(Image by irlLordy)

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If you have ever watched Bollywood movies, you may already know that weddings in India are a serious business, they come with song and dance and castles. From planning the celebration to getting wedding attire from somewhere like Lashkaraa weddings are a huge deal in India. Well, honeymoons are not dull either, with the variety of places to choose from, there is always a spot for the perfect honeymoon destination. You can stay in a royal palace hotel in Rajasthan, sail in luxury in Kerala, enjoy the fabulous beaches in Goa, visit the Taj Mahal or explore the islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands for some much needed privacy, in India, the options are endless. You can even plan lots of actvities that you and your other half can do while you are on your honeymoon. For example, if you are a fan of baking, Baking lessons in delhi at FBOI.in are available to take part in. It’s just something simple like this that can be really fun to go to. Plus you’re in India, so what more could you want? There is a buzz in India with it’s millions of people and busy streets and a honeymoon here really will be like no other. Of course India also has it’s world famous cuisine which you will be able to sample throughout your honeymoon. You can also take cookery lessons to find out how to recreate the perfect dishes at home!


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