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5 Luxury Experiences in Mauritius

Island vacations are some of the most fun ways a person can spend their holidays. You get a chance to distance yourself from the real world in the most pleasant way possible. By choosing to spend your summer vacations in Mauritius you literally stand outside your busy life and treat yourself to a perspective that is in the best possible description Paradise! This here is a description of five islands in Mauritius offering you the best chance to escape from reality, recharge your energy, explore and be the closest possible to nature. From motor yacht cruises, 4×4 Jeep trips, private snorkeling trips, horse riding; these destinations provide something amazing.

1. Luxurious dinner cruise –motor yacht

One of the most enjoyable experiences is an evening on a boat cruising around the Grand bay coastline. The cruise is one that is slow and romantic taking you to a strategic point where you get a 360 degrees view of delight in the beautiful atmosphere of the bay. Limited reservations for only eight people per yacht charter, provision of drinks and personally prepared dinner and choice between sitting in the dining area or enjoying a cool breeze at the upper deck are all meant to ensure that maximum comfort is achieved.

2. Jeep 4×4 trip

A trip in the practical Toyota 4×4 Land Cruiser Jeep complete with a personal and experienced tour guide provides a chance to visit beautiful hidden away places where you get to discover the beauty of unique nature trails as well as the flora and fauna. The convenience of pick-up from your hotel, touring in the hills and mountains, serving of traditional Mauritian delicacies as well as drop-off at the end of the day creates an unforgettable experience for the tourist.


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4×4 Trips in Mauritius

3. Coin de mire – private snorkeling trip

Enjoy cruising in a private speed boat through beautiful lagoons to discover some of the most gorgeous marine life scenery around the world. This is right at the center of the Coin de mire island which arguably offers the best snorkeling experience in Mauritius. Without the need to go diving you get to enjoy underwater marine life marked by brightly colored fish, coral reefs and breathtaking marine life. The island is also endowed with beautiful bird species among them being the ‘pailles en queue’ –Mauritius’ National bird, wedged tail shear water, red and white tailed tropic birds among others. The accommodation options on the island, just like Coin de Mire Attitude, are spectacular and worth booking in advance.

4. Private horse riding at le Morne Mountain

Horse riding at the, UNESCO selected World Heritage, le Morne Brabant is another experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Private horseback riding with professional staff available for both amateur and expert riders ensures your maximum safety as you engulf the beautiful mountain trails of le Morne an iconic place that holds rich history of slaves fighting for freedom.

5. Ilot Mangenie

A few minutes boat outing from the main land takes you to a small privately owned island that is barely inhabited. The Ilot Mangenie island offers you a unique atmosphere with sumptuous shores that ensure unrivaled luxury. You get to experience wood fire baked pizzas, freshly caught fish and unusual salads coupled with rums that you’ll find in no other place around the world.

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