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4 Must-Have Items to Pack When You’re Traveling during a Pandemic

In the past few months, governments all across the world have started to reopen cities, and travel restrictions are being lifted gradually. The lockdown has not been easy for most of us, and a lot of people want a change of scenery after spending months locked inside their homes. If you are planning to travel to another city or country, then it is important for you to do it safely. You will have to follow the guidelines put out by WHO to halt the spread of the virus, and you will also have to pack safety gear that will protect you from contracting the virus. In this article, I have mentioned a few must-have items to pack when you are traveling during the pandemic. Let’s take a look:

Masks and Sanitizer

These two might be the most obvious items on the list, but they are also the most important. It is strictly advised that you pack at least a few masks and a portable hand-sanitizer to stay healthy and germ-free during your trip. A mask can reduce your chances of contracting the virus dramatically, which is why you need to wear one all the time when you are out. It is recommended that you go for N-95 masks as they are highly effective against the virus. You must also keep a hand sanitizer with you to keep your hands virus-free.

Smartphone Disinfectant

Our smartphones are a crucial part of our lives, and we are touching them hundreds of times every day. Don’t believe me? These Cell Phone Deal Stats show just some of the time we spend and the things we do when on the phone. With all that usage, smartphones can become quite dirty and a potential risk. Just like all other objects, your smartphones aren’t immune to catching the virus, and it can stay on the surface for quite a while. That is why you must pack a smartphone disinfectant in your bag. A gadget like Mobile Klean is a great option as it can disinfect your smartphone with UV radiation effectively. It can also kill all the germs your smartphone contracts throughout the day.

Contactless Credit Cards

Contactless credit cards were initially introduced to avoid credit card frauds, but now they are a great way of protecting yourself against coronavirus. When you are traveling, you don’t want to use a credit card machine that is touched by every customer who has walked into that store. With potentially one of the best credit cards, you can pay your bill by hovering the card over the machine. A lot of restaurants are still not accepting payments in cash for safety reasons, so it is wise to keep a contactless credit card in your pocket.

Water Bottle

There is no clear evidence that the coronavirus can spread through water, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. It is advised that you keep a clean water bottle with you all the time, so you don’t have to take your chances with unsafe water when you are thirsty. There are so many modern water bottles available these days that can help you carry clean and filtered water with you all the time. You will also be contributing to the environment by not buying plastic bottled water.

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