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Traveling and Making Money Along The Way

Going traveling is one of the most exhilarating life experiences, and before many go away they save enough money so they can live whilst traveling. However if you have taken off traveling and need some extra cash instead of having a part time job that holds you back although if you are staying in one place long enough that might be the way to go. There are other ways to make some extra cash to keep you going while you are on your travels. Although some of the methods may be unusual like a travel photographer or a travel writer it could just help you going for a little while.

We’ve already discussed in the past how to save money when traveling and working, by using services such as a peer to peer car sharing scheme – but today we will focus on making more money than you’re spending.

Become A Tour Guide

If you refer to yourself as a social butterfly or a people person then becoming a tour guide around the country you are in could be the perfect match. As a tour guide you can see and study different cultures while leading tourist to the most historical and ironical places that feature in the country you are in. just make sure that if you do become a tour guide then you know your stuff that you are talking about.

Write A Travel Blog

If you love traveling then why not inspire others to go traveling. Even though writing a travel blog will take many hours of hard work to make it big, it could happen sooner than you think and there are dozens of tips on blogging and travel writing. There are lots of things you can do to help you grow your blog. One of the most important parts of growing your blog is making sure you have active social media accounts. If you’re sharing your work and commenting on similar bloggers Instagram pages then more people will find and read your page. You can make it easier for them to find your blog by having a link in Instagram bio that goes to it. Even if you don’t earn loads of money on your blog, you will still have loads of different pieces written to look back on in many years to come, so it could act like a diary of your travels. Many people wonder, when it comes to making money blogging, does dropshipping still work and they take to the internet to learn of programs that enable people to do this and whether or not it is positively received. If travel writing isn’t exactly your thing, you could always become a freelance blogger. There are many different positives of being a freelance blogger; first of all you aren’t dependent on location, as you can write anywhere as long as you have internet connection and a computer. Each article you write will vary in price but that also means the more you write the more you earn. Check out these handy resources for freelance writers!

Street Performer

If you happen to have hidden musical talents now is your time to share them to the world, or just the streets of the country you happen to have travelled too. Busking in the street to show of your skills; whether that is dance, music or even art is the perfect way to earn some extra money and maybe even meet some interesting locals and tourists. Just make sure you do some research in the city or town you are in, as you may earn a fine which is something you’ll want to avoid whilst traveling.

Work On A Cruise Line

If you haven’t jetted out on your travels yet, check in to working on a cruise line as not only can you get free travel you get paid whilst doing it. Especially if you work in a shop on the cruise, as all shops close when the ship docks which means you get the chance to travel the island. Although there are long hours involved all of your expenses are generally covered on the cruise ship and you get paid pretty well on top of that too.

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