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Top 10 Things to do in Israel

Nestled between East and West, Israel is a melting pot of ancient and modern culture where you can spend the day exploring historic sights and the night partying in a modern club. This country is unique amongst the Middle Eastern nations and despite what some may say, Israeli’s are accommodating and fun loving people who appreciate foreign visitors and know how to have a good time.

With a little bit of time and an adventurous spirit, the visitor to Israel can cram a lot in. So get on the road and explore the Holy land.

Castle1. Jerusalem Old Town:

The winding alleys of the old city of Jerusalem are full of sights, sounds and smells as timeless as the city itself. You can find yourself strolling past colourful food markets one moment and watching Holy men as they go to prayer the next. Take a good map as the streets are winding and one can easily get lost, however the locals are always willing to point you in the right direction.

2. Temple Mount, Jerusalem:

As the centre of three of the World’s major religions, Temple Mount is famous and on occasion, infamous, as the location where people come for pilgrimage and prayer. Jews come to the wailing wall, Muslims come to the Dome of the Rock and Christians visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Whatever your religious views it is fascinating and definitely worth a visit.

3. The Dead Sea:

With so much history and culture, sometimes you just want to unwind. And what can be better than floating in a natural spa? The Dead Sea is one of the lowest points on the planet and has a high salt content which is great for the skin. Take a moment and experience the strange sensation of floating on top of the water and wash all the hustle and bustle away.

4. Masada:

Sat atop a rocky outcrop above the Dead Sea is Masada, an ancient fortress famous in Jewish lore. Make sure you check out the sunset here for spectacular vistas.

5. The Bahai Gardens, Haifa:

These gorgeous gardens and temple at Haifa are a great location sat above this small city in the north of the country. The stunning gardens change with the seasons and tours are offered of the temple.


6. Eilat and the Red Sea:

Eilat is Israel’s only city on the Red Sea and a great place to explore the reefs with a snorkel or by scuba diving. The town has a buzzing resort feel and you can relax on the beach or party the night away – or both!

7. Yad Vashem Museum, Jerusalem:

A deeply moving experience, the Yad Vashem is a monument and museum to victims of the Holocaust and a must visit for any tourist.

8. Tel Aviv:

Israel’s capital city is a fun and exhilarating modern city with excellent shopping, some great museums, fantastic food and world class nightlife. There is some great beachlife and the city is also one of the world’s most gay friendly.

9. The Ramon Crater:

This 40 km long crater is the largest in the world and sits in the middle of the desert around halfway between Jerusalem and Eilat. Enjoy the peace and quiet and marvel at the beauty of the surrounding desert.

10. The Sea of Galilee:

Anyone with a passing knowledge of Biblical history will have heard of this. The large inland sea where Jesus is supposed to have walked on water is in the middle of a beautiful agricultural heartland with many small towns, villages and historical sites.

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