Tips for planning your romantic getaway

Your honeymoon is meant to be a celebration of your recent nuptials, and it’s important that you and your new spouse plan the trip properly. Many newly-weds decide to make Europe the destination for their honeymoon. Europe offers many different destinations and amenities, making it the perfect honeymoon location for those looking for romance, adventure, and everything in between.

Before you jet set your way across the globe, use the following tips to plan the best European honeymoon.

Plan early

If you really do want to take a European honeymoon, you need to start planning early. Some destinations may be extremely popular, so you’ll want to get your reservations made as soon as possible. Plus, if there is anything you and your spouse will want to do or see while you’re there, you’ll likely want to make these reservations as early as possible too.

Traveling to Europe will also require you and your spouse to have a passport. If you don’t have one, you will need to get a passport, and this process can take weeks and sometimes months to accomplish. You don’t want to miss your honeymoon because you forgot to get your passport in time.

Try and talk with your spouse at least six months before your honeymoon to start finalizing details and ensure your honeymoon is booked and ready to be enjoyed. Plus, by having it all reserved and scheduled so far in advance, it will be one less thing to stress about as the big day inches closer.

Make it a time for the two of you

It can be tempting to share all the details with your friends and families when it comes to the trip, but remember that this is a time for you and your partner. Keep your phone in your pocket or purse, on silent. Except in extreme circumstances, it is best to keep that mobile device off the table. According to DatingPilot it can be quite the turn-off to your date if you are checking your email or social media accounts in the middle of your dinner together, and the same is true of your spouse. So unless you are expecting a potential call from a babysitter who is watching your children during the date, keep that phone pocketed away. Embrace the opportunity for some face to face conversation and time to connect.

Set a budget

Although you may think that the celebration of your marriage shouldn’t have a limited budget, it’s important that you create one. Money is the number one cause for distress in marriages, and you don’t want to start this new chapter in your life by arguing over money. If you’re both working and have a duel income, you might be able to spend more on a vacation compared to if only one person was working. If only one person is working, you could still be able to afford that dream getaway if you were to buy google stock or perhaps even Tesla stocks. Investing in the stock market is a great way to grow an income and live a more comfortable lifestyle. Plus, the more you invest, the bigger the returns are likely to be. If you’re interested in the latest technological developments in the world of cryptocurrencies, you may want to check out something like the Bobcat Helium Miner as a means of mining currencies like Helium from your home with minimal effort – this has proved quite lucrative for those looking for new passive income sources. It’s well worth considering if you’re planning on making payments like those that go towards traveling. It’s also important to talk to each other about how much you are willing to comfortably spend. If you have different opinions, compromise and meet somewhere in the middle. Make sure that this budget includes everything from airfare to lodging to spending money and tips. You don’t want to forget anything and end up having to spend more than what you initially agreed upon spending.

Choose the right destination

The destination is extremely important when it comes to planning your European honeymoon. Is there a certain country that you want to visit, or would you rather take a longer trip and see multiple countries while you’re there. If you prefer the latter, opting for a Europe tour may be the best option. Image Tours is a popular European tour company that offers a variety of tour travel options. By opting for a tour, you can ensure that you and your new spouse see all the best places in Europe while still having ample time to enjoy one another’s company.

Choose the best accommodations

Some accommodations are better than others, and if you and your spouse want the royal treatment, you should opt to stay in a luxury European accommodation. Luxury accommodations will provide the ambiance and romance you and your spouse are looking to enjoy while celebrating your recent marriage. They can provide the right romantic touches for private nights in, or they can be the best place to relax after a day of sightseeing. Determine your budget, and then decide on the right place to stay while on your honeymoon.


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