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Renting apartments in Berlin for your family holiday- see why

Berlin offers a confluence culture. It offers a unique culture being combination of both the German and the European. Berlin gives you fantastic apartments that you and your family can enjoy during your holiday, some of the apartments are beachfront while others are in the midst of the town center. There so many reasons why you can rent an apartment in Berlin for your holiday.

Space and comfort

Berlin apartments are designed in such a way that there is enough space for you are your family, you will not feel squeezed in one room since the apartments have different rooms you can use. Renting an apartment in Berlin is like being home away from home. There are plenty of furnished rental companies such as StayTony which offer monthly apartments at great rates. So find an apartment you love. (image by xi chau).

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Self-catering facilities

Most of the Berlin apartments have the self-catering facilities, you can decide to either cook in your apartment, hire someone to cook for you or just go out and enjoy the various dishes that are available in the Berlin. The apartment will be good for your family holiday since you will be able to cook for your kids what they love and if you have a young baby, you can cook his food the way you do it in your house.

Cheaper and affordable

Most of the Berlin apartments are cheaper than the hotel rooms; you can find an apartment that will fit your whole family with an affordable rate. With many available apartments to choose from, you will have a wide range of prices to compare and your taste and preferences. I hear it is a similar story for condominiums for rent bgc. Because of their great rental price, some have considered moving to Berlin permanently. A friend told me that when they decided to move to Berlin permanently, they talked to SMAA for some perspective on how to get their stuff to their new apartment. They were very helpful so I’m tol


Berlin apartments give you and your family property, since most of the things you will do in the comfort of the holiday apartment you have all the privacy you need. Unlike the hotel rooms where you will likely bump into everyone. There are also no people entering your room to clean every now and then. Renting an apartment instead of booking hotel rooms can be especially helpful for you if you frequently take family holidays to Berlin. In fact, you might even consider owning the apartment if the frequency of your visits increase over time. If this is the case, then you may want to check with the current owner if rent to own lease is an option that you can choose, where you pay a part of the rental amount for a period of time after which you would be able to own the place.


Berlin apartments are more secure since you have your own apartment with your keys, unlike hotels where there are people entering your rooms and you have to always carry your valuables, apartment you can leave your valuables and no one will touch them.(image by Digital Dreams).

Graybit - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Security apartments in Berlin for your family holiday


Berlin apartments have amenities like the beauty shops, barbershops; fitness centre around the compound, there is no hassle of looking for them.


Unlike the many hotels in Berlin, apartments allows you to bring your pet along as long as you take care of them and do not allow them to wander along the other units. This always makes the pet owner happy to have their best friends allowed them enjoying the holiday with them.


In Berlin apartments, you can organize party for your friends with no extra cost; you can also hold birthday parties for your children. You are also allowed to have visitors in your holiday apartment and spend quality holiday time with them.

Dedicated service

In Berlin apartments you will have all the attention you need, the owner of the apartment will give you all the attention you need in case of a problem or when you need assistance. You are able to have your things done in a personalized attention when staying in Berlin apartments.

The spacious room, privacy, and security make your stay in Berlin apartments a memorable holiday for your family.


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