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Paris – La Ville-Lumiere

The largest city situated on the river Seine towards northern France is the city – Paris. It is one of the leading business and cultural centres of the world. The city has been named as the City of Light – La Ville-Lumiere, due to its fame as a centre of education as well as ideas at the time of the Age of Enlightenment and later on to its initial implementation of street lighting. To reach the city from San Francisco to Paris, provision has been made for flights from san Francisco to paris with the best prices to cater to the needs of the travellers. Though there other options of reaching the city by land and water, travelling by air seems to be the most preferred mode of transport since it seems quicker and much more convenient in addition to the good pricing on the flight tickets. Paris which is the most romantic destination in the world is a place where young lovers tend to stroll hand in hand along the river Seine or incline to hang out in sidewalk cafes speaking in French which is known as `language of love’. The charm and beauty is so enveloping and is seen in its elegant architecture, delicate combination of art, history and nature, iconic monuments giving rise to an atmosphere of serenity and peace.

Eiffel Tower – Most Recognized Icon

Tourist coming from Los Angeles to Paris could avail the good prices offered for flights from los angeles to paris and fulfil their desire of visiting the capital city of France and explore the various interested sites of the city. Various daily flights are offered where there is an 8 -9 hour time variance based on daylight savings time. Visiting Paris could be a life time experience which has various interesting sites to explore. In the glittering twilight, couples tend to have special moments in the ambiance of the great city which has yet been maintained. Paris has various fine restaurants which tend to cater to traditional dishes guaranteeing the reputation of French cuisine all over the world. The Eiffel tower, standing above the city is considered to be the most romantic of places. It is the most recognized icon which was constructed for the World Exposition in 1889, it is a newcomer to a city where its history goes back to over a millennia.

Monumental Louvre – Museum

Several of the people think that the monumental Louvre is a museum though it was a fortress and palace much before it became a world centre for art. The palace is a proof of its rich history crossing the medieval period till date. The medieval foundations of Louvre are mesmerizing and the adjacent Tuileries gardens are an excellent spot to take a leisure stroll. You can shop till you drop in Paris and one can always locate something unique as well as affordable. Shops tend to remain open from 10.00 to 7.00 from Monday to Saturday. According to researchers, there are nearly 1800 monuments in Paris together with 173 museums. Besides this, there are also 450 amusement parks together with natural gardens in the city of love which is stretched across 1200 acres of land.

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