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4 Steps to having a Thrifty Vacation to French Riviera

French Riviera holds multitudes within itself. It goes to huge lengths to ensure that there is something there for everyone. So, it is no surprise that the “Who’s who” of the World have all made the beautiful Cote d Azur their homes or holiday places.

So, you might think that the beautiful corner of France is not for you. From the countless description of riches and beauty, it certainly seems so. However, there is a lot you can do at French Riviera that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

First of all, book yourself a French Riviera Mansion, because you deserve to live like a monarch when you visit a place of kings and queens. Then, follow us through a trip, that would introduce you to the French Riviera without costing you an arm and a leg.

  1. Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is where all the action happens in French, and it has been so ever since, the 1950s. When Brigitte Bardot visited the place, she seemed to have left all her glamor there. Even now, the old hotel she ate out at Le Chat 55, holds all the old world luxury that we love to rave about. However, Saint Tropez has a side that is not filled to the brim with luxury.
You can walk beside the port for hours and see the most beautiful yachts in the world, which bring guests from all around the place. When tired, make your way through the old city, and find your solace in the numerous local food shops that have sprung up.

Remember the taste the seafood and try your hand at Boules at Place des Lices (the main market of Saint Tropez) before you make your way to the next destination.

The Citadel of Saint Tropez is the crowning glory of the place in more ways than one. It has stood there since, the 17th century, protecting the people of the small city, and it stands now as one of those places you can see history in. Don’t forget to take a panorama shot of the city while, you are up in the Citadel, and see the Maritime Museum too. Saint Tropez was not always for the rich, and the museum dedicated to the fishermen and seafaring sailors is one of the living embodiments of that truth.

  1. Antibes

In the glitz of Saint Tropez and Cannes, Antibes is often forgotten. However, this small port town remains of the definite places to visit around the French Riviera with all the action happening in one area. No one travels through cars in Antibes, so, rent out a bike to see the local places. Chateau Grimauld comes highly recommended for anyone into art. Picasso, during his prime, shaped many paintings here, and the castle still houses some original paintings. If you are inspired enough, you might make your way to the coast to walk beside it.

Another recommended taste to get is that of Absinthe; the Absinthe Bar comes highly recommended for its decor and the feel it offers to any visitor. If drinks are not your thing, you can spend your lazy afternoon at the markets which host some of the best cheese in the entirety of the area. If you feel tired, you could always make your way to the beach and choose one that fits your aesthetic. Once there, sit down and laze around as you see the beautiful French Riviera before you.

  1. Monaco

The princely state of Monaco is a sight to behold in every which way. It is one of those places in French Riviera where you do not have to board a car to go anywhere. One of the wealthiest places in the entire area, Monaco holds its heritage with pride. The Monaco streets are where the Grand Prix is held every time, and there’s a protective castle looking ever every person who comes to visit. If royalty impresses you, make your way to the St. Nicholas Cathedral where Grace Kelly wed and was then buried. Do not forget to take a detour and walk by the castle too. Every day at precisely 11:55 AM the guards are changed at the gate, and it is an attraction that you cannot afford to miss.

However, it is Monte Carlo that attracts people from all over the world. One the wealthiest places in the world as a whole, it holds the legendary “Place du Casino” where the rich and poor sit at the same tables and gamble away. If you’ve been interested in playing online before on sites Pointsbet promo code then this could be a fantastic chance to find out what the real deal is like. Set yourself at a bar and have a glass of sparkling wine or move onto one of the gambling tables to try your luck. Remember to carry your Passport with you at all times, because there is a regular checking.

After all this, you can make your way back to Monaco at night and have food at one of the outdoor cafes before heading back to your mansion. Who said, luxury had to be all about partying all night and day anyway?

  1. Cannes

Cannes is not only the place where the world’s elite come once a year to one of the biggest film festivals in the world, but it also holds one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The La Croisette Promenade is the place where the film festival is held each year, while, the beach by the side provides a splendid place to walk and enjoy the sights at. It is not hard to find some local act along the Promenade making their music, or trying to make people laugh.

Another charm of the old town of Cannes is the labyrinthine streets which go on forever. This is where the locals live; You won’t be hard-pressed to find a roadside cafe carrying sumptuous treats for your lunch you make your way through.

It is recommended that you visit the Monastery to find some of the most beautiful art collections in the entire world. The museum focuses on ethnic art as well, as musical instruments so you won’t be hard-pressed to find something you like.

If you feel like an adventure, you might even make your way to the islands nearby, all of which boast of beautiful views and beautiful coves which hold the perfect places for having a small picnic.

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