Israel National Trail

The Israel National Trail is a trail followed by millions of hikers every year. It defines the gap between Israel’s Southern and Northern borders, making a unique connection between these two entirely different areas.

The Length of the Trail

The full length of the Israel National Trail is over 1100 kilometers. This isn’t quite exact, as there’s a committee in Israel dedicated to changing the routing at various spots in the country. The trail is in fact so gorgeous, that National Geographic has proclaimed it as one of the top 20 most epic hiking trails in the whole world!

This trail is especially popular due to the extremely rich plant and animal life. There are countless endemic species living in it, with more being discovered every day. The trail begins in Kibbutz Dan, which is situated near Israel’s border with it’s neighbor, Lebanon. The Israel National Trail then stretches all the way to Eilat, and finds its finish in the Gulf of Aqaba.

The Jerusalem Section

The Jerusalem section of the trail is arguably the most beautiful. Starting in Kibbutz Tzuba, take a walk past a grove of trees with picnic benches, with and you can see the vineyards. Keep walking towards a 12th century Crusader fortress known as Belmont. If you want to see a beautiful hike through tree-covered trails, be sure to visit Nahal Katlav, named after the red trees you will find along the path.

Some of the best hotels in Jerusalem have found their place here, as a place of respite for hikers. While camping on the trail can be an extremely enjoyable experience, many find a soft bed to be much more suitable for sleeping.

Galilean Beauty

The trail also passes through the Ma’apilim/Nakhash stream, regarded as one of the most beautiful streams in Israel. Here you’ll find all of Carmel’s relatively hidden natural beauties. Walking down the ravine, you’ll be able to gaze upon the Galilee and an equally impressive Northern Coastal Plain. There’s an abundance of natural beauty there, including the Arbutus Curve, and the Haganah’s weapon storage room. The stream’s current name descends from the Jewish immigrants who risked their lives getting there during the British mandate.

You’ll also find that the Upper Galilee is filled with gorgeous views. Ranging from the slopes of Mount Meron to the Hula Valley. These vast expanses have captivated hikers for hundreds of years and will keep doing so in the years to come. There’s also an abundance of hotels around the area, and you’ll find that each of them provides an unique and memorable view of these vast expanses.

If you’ve been looking for a unique hiking trail to visit, one with its own history, as well as innate natural beauty, then you need look no further than the Israel National Trail.