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4 Incredible Places to Visit with Maritime History

Maritime towns come with their own unique beauty. Thanks to their heavy involvement with trade, and sometimes even the military, they are often decorated with historic buildings, beautiful views and dotted with sea vessels. They are also an excellent source of seafood, making them ideal for visiting and enjoying local dishes. If you’re considering a seaside holiday with a difference, here are the four best places to visit.

1.   Cornwall

Rather than a history of ancient fleets of warships and the beginnings of imperial sailings, Cornwall is home to some of Britain’s most infamous smuggling history. Smugglers illegally brought in goods from across the seas and hid in caves to protect their hoards. Despite the image of the reckless, unclean criminal hiding and smuggling goods, it was reported that every area of Cornwall had some involvement with smuggling, thanks to the relatively short travel distance to the coast. You can stay in these historic towns by opting to rent one of the many popular holiday cottages. Specialists such as Portscatho Holidays have both family and pet-friendly options for travelers.

2.   Dubrovnik

Croatia and other countries on the Adriatic Coast are having something of a renaissance. For years they have sat behind the limelight of other Mediterranean countries such as Rome and Spain; however, what they have to offer is not only similar but vibrant in other ways. Dubrovnik has an incredible port that is not only historically significant but also said to rival the likes of Venice. The port of Gruz is still functional and busy to this day – in fact, sailing into Dubrovnik is a great way to begin your holiday.

3.   New Orleans

New Orleans is so famous for its other features that many forget that it is, in fact, a coastal city. Here you can get a pleasant balance of seaside beauty and rich culture. If you visit during Mardi Gras season, you will get to enjoy a city that comes to life with floats, green purple and gold garlands, and cafes serving brioche King Cake. On top of that, of course, it’s also famous for its jazz. New Orleans maritime history is particularly fraught, as its harbor saw the beginnings and end of its European ownership.

4.   Singapore

To this day, Singapore is still one of the busiest ports in the world. However, as well as its maritime significance, it is also a showstopper in terms of what to see and do:

  • Gardens by the bay: This is not your average botanical display! Gardens by the bay combine futurism with some of the most vibrant and exotic plants you will ever see. Singapore has so many botanical gardens it’s hard to know where to start, but this particular center is one that is like no other.
  • Street food: Singapore’s street food is a showstopper in its own right. As you walk around, you’ll find street vendors selling a wide variety of dishes that all have culturally different backgrounds. Everything from chili crab to fish curry is on the menu. There are plenty of different food centers to try; it’s just a matter of getting round to all of them!

When it comes to coastal cities with maritime history, it’s not necessarily the naval background that makes them so unique. The decades of immigration and influences are what makes them such vibrant and alluring places to visit.

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