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Common Mistakes To Avoid Whenever You Travel

Planning a trip is not easy; it requires a lot of time and effort. You need to plan the itinerary, the flights, the budget, the visas, the tickets and much more. If anything goes wrong it can upset the whole applecart. It is necessary to be smart and learn from the mistakes of others. Given below are a few common mistakes that most travellers commit, read on and try to not make these mistakes:

  • The most common mistake is to book a flight ticket in the last minute. When you have planned a vacation, it is important to book a flight ticket at least 3-4 weeks before the trip. This way you will save a lot of money which can be utilized on your trip. If you book a day or two before your trip, the ticket price tends to be very high. So never wait to book your ticket, book it early. You always get best deals when you book early.
  • Another mistake that travellers often do is to book hotels at the last minute or to book hotels that are very costly. Hotel bookings can be cheap if you book early, although you should try vacation rentals if you are going as a big group. Even small families love to stay at vacation rentals. The popularity of vacation rentals can be gauged by the success of websites like Uber Real Estate, AirBnb, VRBO etc. The advantages of booking early at vacation rentals are many including a low price. Most vacation rentals are also pet friendly and if you can take your pets along, you are going to enjoy your vacation more.
  • Most people when they reach their destination splurge their money on expensive taxis. In most places, you can save money by not opting for taxis or cabs, you can opt for public transport which are very good and less expensive. If your lion’s share of the budget is going to be spent on cabs, then it is a problem, you can try other alternatives like hiring a car for the trip etc.
  • When people opt for vacation rentals they spend a lot of money on groceries but they find that they have bought a lot and are unable to use them and they go waste. This type of over indulgence can be avoided by being thrifty and buying groceries for just a day or two. Also when you are out on vacation, it does not make sense to keep cooking every day, you should try out the various local restaurants and enjoy their cuisine. Sometimes you will find that the local cuisine is less expensive than cooking.
  • Many people think that they can get visas on arrival; they can in some countries, whereas in others you need to apply for a visa beforehand. So make sure what type of visas the country that you are visiting provides. Additionally, make sure that the passport has at least 6 months validity, else your visa will be rejected.





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