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Best holiday destinations in Australia

Australia is known to have been blessed with so many beautiful places to visit and explore. Located between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Australia is a very dynamic continent that is capable of satisfying people coming to see it loaded with wanderlust.

Whether you like to go hiking or you are fond of seeing green wilderness, Australia is a place worth visiting. With work from home becoming the new norm, you can also take an extended vacation in this beautiful country. If you plan to do so, you might need to find an affordable apartment for rent with good internet connection, a company to transport your vehicle to your desired location (you can compare motorbike transport prices before shortlisting one), and a work visa, of course! After these, you would be all set to have one of the best WFH days of your life.

Now, you are going to learn about some best places in Australia that can be considered the best holiday destinations:

The Blue Mountains national park:

Blue Mountains Park is located in the West of Sydney. This park has always been a prominent place of attraction for tourists across the world due to its 140 kilometres long hiking trail, waterfalls, long sandstones rock formations and whatnot. The enchanted beauty of this amazing site mesmerises anyone who tries to explore the natural beauty of the park by walking through the track. A one day trip to this park and moving from the world’s steepest track while enjoying the breathtaking views will fill you with excitement and pleasure.

Sydney harbour bridge:

Sidney is another place of attraction for tourists across the border and also for native Australians. This place is well-known for its captivating beauty and many buildings. Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most well-known attractions in Sydney. The important aspect of the bridge is its arch shape construction that represents great engineering prowess and hard work. This bridge connects the central business district with the North Shore of the city. There are eight lanes for road traffic along with two extended railway tracks. Tourists have an activity of ascending the bridge and then enjoying the view of the harbour and the city from a height.

Sydney Opera house:

The opera house located in Sydney is known to be one of the biggest architectures in the world. You can never miss out on visiting this place if you ever come to Australia and want to see the beautiful architectural icons. Australia takes pride in entertaining and welcoming tourists. Tourists here can take dine in the restaurants, visit the entire opera house, see cinemas and exhibition rooms and stay at basic and luxurious apartments. Tourists usually like to stay in Meriton Suites available at if they have to spend quality time in Australia.

Far North Queensland’s:

If you have paid a visit to the world’s largest coral reef commonly known as the Great Barrier Reef, you cannot return without visiting North Queensland’s located next to the Great Barrier Reef. Many activities can be performed here in an attempt to explore this beautiful place with breath-taking architecture. Some of the fun activities include scuba diving, snorkelling, visiting places such as waterfalls, clear blue lakes and whatnot. Visiting these places will surely make you fall in love with Australia and its attractions

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