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9 Reasons to Take a Holiday to London in 2020

By some estimates, London is the world’s most popular tourist destination, attracting 30 million annual visitors.

It’s not hard to see why. From its diverse, multicultural atmosphere to its beautiful architecture and fascinating history, London boasts many must-see sites and experiences.

Thinking about your own 2020 trip to London? We know you have lots of other possible destinations to choose from, but there are many reasons to go to London first.

These are our favorite reasons to visit London in 2020 — but if you make the trip yourself, we’re sure you’ll be able to add a few new reasons of your own.

Experience the Local Cuisine

When it comes to famous foodie cities, London doesn’t tend to top any lists. However, the city still has many unique and delicious dishes for travelers to try.

The dense, hefty local fare certainly isn’t for the health-conscious, but it does pair nicely with the city’s cold and damp weather. And, of course, you won’t be limited to traditional British fare, either. London’s thriving multicultural scene means you can also sample dishes from many other parts of the world while you’re there.

Check out British Pub Culture

What’s the next best thing after eating on vacation? Drinking on vacation, of course.

Even before your vacation in London, you’ll probably have heard of the local pub culture. However, it’s well worth experiencing for yourself.

You can sample a wide variety of British beers in the city’s pubs, while also getting a sense of the camaraderie that drives this cultural experience. And you can even find London pubs with historical claims to fame, such as the pub that Shakespeare himself drank in.

See Buckingham Palace in Person

You can easily eat and drink your way through the city of London. But after you’ve sampled some of the local fare, you’ll probably find that you’re ready for the other things the city has to offer.

Buckingham Palace remains one of the city’s top tourist attractions. And one of the most popular things to see at the palace is the changing of the guard.

Watching this fascinating formal ceremony is completely free. But if you want to delve deeper into the experience, you can also tour Buckingham Palace for a closer look. However, planning a tour can be difficult, as the options aren’t available all year — you may want to find the best trip planning services to help you plan this part of your visit.

Experience the Fashion

London is one of the fashion world’s biggest destinations. If you love fashion, you’ll definitely want to make a trip to this city.

Even without adding any special plans to your trip, you can get inspired by the street style all around you. However, London also offers incredible shopping if you want to see the styles up close and take a few home with you.

From boutiques to luxe department stores, shopping opportunities abound in London. And of course, the bold may want to brave the crowds of London Fashion Week to see which styles will take over in the coming months.

Check out the British Library

The British Library in London is the largest library in the world, in terms of the number of items. And in that collection of items, you’ll find some impressive and ancient cultural artifacts.

From centuries-old books to original Beatles song sheets, you can spend hours browsing the shelves and displays.

Visit the Thames

The River Thames might be one of the world’s most famous rivers, with mentions in countless songs and pieces of art.

On your holiday in London, you can take a Thames River cruise, or visit one of the many pubs and restaurants along the edges of the river. Some of London’s most famous palaces, bridges, and tours also sit on the banks of the Thames.

Experience Shakespeare Like Never Before

London boasts some great opportunities to see theater. But fans of Shakespeare will be especially excited about the experience at Shakespeare’s Globe.

The Globe is a reconstruction of the historic Elizabethan playhouse, offering an authentic, historic theater experience. The venue also offers tours, talks, and exhibitions so you have plenty of chances to learn more.

Take a Walking Tour

One of the best ways to experience any city is on foot. You’ll notice details of the scenery that often get lost when you travel by car, bus, or train. Of course, the added exercise doesn’t hurt, either!

London is an ideal city for unforgettable walking tours. You can tour the most famous parts of the city, or you can venture out to experience some little-known sights instead.

This is another case in which you might want to book trip planning services to help you with your tour. However, with a bit of Googling and your trusty smartphone, you can also plan a unique walking tour of your very own.

Experience the Local Wildlife

You might not think of London as a city to go to in search of nature. However, the urban area also hosts a large number of green spaces, where you can get some fresh air and check out the local flora and fauna.

In St James’s Park you’ll find pelicans, for example, while Richmond Park is ideal for spotting deer. And, of course, in any park you’ll get exquisite people- and dog-watching, too. Pack a picnic and some drinks, and spend an afternoon relaxing and soaking in the local life of London’s parks.

What Will You Do on Your 2020 Trip to London?

The year has just begun, but why not get your travel plans underway now?

A 2020 trip to London is the perfect vacation to look forward to, and is sure to inspire you to visit more of your dream destinations next.

There’s one more great thing about London, too: its proximity to other European destinations. If you’re taking a long flight to get there, you may as well add another city or two to your trip. Not sure which cities to target? Get inspired with our guide to destinations in Europe!


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