6 Challenges of Planning a Destination Wedding in Fiji

Destination weddings are the new trend amongst newly-weds, Fiji being one of the most sought after locations. Here are a few things you need to know before deciding to celebrate your union in another country.

  1. Financial Issues

Many couples who plan a destination wedding are unsure about what they need to pay for. As a general rule, the couple will be expected to pay for all the food, activities, and other components related to the wedding. Guests are only expected to pay for their own travel and accommodation costs. It’s important to show gratitude to guests willing to splurge to attend your wedding. Thank-you notes, gift baskets, group discounts, etc. are all ways to show your guests your appreciation for the trouble they went to.

  1. Hiring Photographers

There are two options when choosing a photographer for a wedding in Fiji. Either hire a local photographer, or fly over your own photographer. Many couples prefer to fly over a photographer since they are more likely to be able to scope out the talent at home than they would be able to with a photographer based in Fiji. Furthermore, the couples would come to know more about the techniques, software and tools (like Photoshop, SodaPDF TIFF to pdf converter, etc.) used by the photographer to capture memories which will last a lifetime! A good wedding planner will help you make this decision to best suit your needs and your budget. For instance, if you have a particular theme, e.g. flower walls and neon signs from websites like www.neonfilter.com, then you will need to check and see how that can work with your background and theme within this setting, as well as checking the costs of having these sent over or brought with you.

  1. Legal Issues

It’s important to find out exactly what procedures need to be followed in Fiji for your marriage to be valid. This is where a wedding planner would be most useful, as they would handle all the menial research and paperwork involved. They’ve been to places like wedding planning school as well as taken various courses, so they know what they are up against. If you struggle with the legal system too much a wedding at a local location might be better. This does not mean it has to be any less beautiful as Houston has many amazing locations. Chateau Polonez is a beautiful venue that will create beautiful memories. Visit their wedding venue site in Houston for more info.

  1. Travel Concerns

If your wedding party is quite large, you might be concerned about the availability of travel for your guests. The best solution is to book a few months in advance and to check if there are any group discounts. This will lighten the financial burden on your guests and give you peace of mind.

  1. Communication

Arranging a wedding in Fiji will require a lot of time spent communicating with the venue, the caterers, the florists etc. Surely you would not get your friendly neighborhood flower supplier like the Florist Peter Maccallum Cancer Hospital and most of the time, you will have to wait a while for responses as well. This can get extremely frustrating and is a reason why you should plan the wedding well in advance. Hiring a wedding planner is the best bet to avoid any headaches concerning communication.

  1. Expectations vs Reality

Do not get married in Fiji if you have never visited Fiji. This cannot be stressed enough. While it is a beautiful place, everyone’s tastes differ and no bride or groom wants to arrive at the destination of the most important day of their life and be disappointed.