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5 Unique Greeting Etiquette Around the World

Most travellers have noticed that the rules for greeting people in the various places they visit can vary with some being complicated and completely different from how they greet back at home. Besides putting a perfect smile on and keeping on top of your Dentist Hampton checkups before meeting people it is also important that you understand the various types of greeting in new places. If you’re traveling in the UK, Toothpick can speed up finding a good dentist so you can greet people with confidence. People from different countries have varying cultural practices. Most parts of the world are familiar with handshakes but other cultures also kiss. To some, greeting is done with one, two or even three kisses on the cheek. Here are some of the unique ways of greeting people in different countries.

Greetings in Argentina

The people in Argentina are considered to be tactile as they kiss, hold hands, and hug all the time. When you meet someone in Argentina, you are supposed to give them a peck on their cheek as a form of greeting them. This is how they greet their family, friends, and even acquaintances. When at a party and you are introduced to new people, the people tend to also kiss irrespective of whether they are male or female. However, in a more formal situation, a handshake is acceptable. People who go to Argentina are struck by its beauty and friendly residents, it wouldn’t surprise anyone that people would want to stay in touch with whoever they meet there. By visiting websites like they will be able to get the correct postcode to keep in touch with their pen pal from this welcoming country. (Image by Daniel Rangel)

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Greetings in Brazil

Brazilians are well known for their warm greeting full of lots of kisses and hugs. For men, the Brazilians usually have light hug or even a tap on each other’s back, kissing for people in the same gender is considered a norm. However, there are different regions with different number of kisses for greeting. For instance, when in Brasilia, you should give two kisses. There are other areas in Brazil where only one kiss is needed and you should therefore check in advance the number of kisses or even how tight you should hug people in Brazil. Handshakes are only left for formal occasions.

Greetings in India

Greetings in India are used as indicators for your individual’s position in the social hierarchy. When in India you are required to greet people of your age differently from older or younger people. The variation also comes with gender. Hugs are also common, with men hugging other men and women also hugging with other women. Grandparents are never hugged but instead you touch their feet and receive their blessings of speedy marriage or long life. Only the Infants are publicly kissed.(Image by dirk huijssoon)

Graybit - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Greetings in India Greetings Etiquette Around the World

Greetings in Romania

You can often find people in Romania hugging or even kissing on the cheek. Men kissing men is common just as women kissing men or other women, however, it’s rare to find them kissing those who are young, colleagues or close to them. When older men meet women or are introduced to a woman, they kiss their hand instead of a handshake. Men usually say Sarut when they intend to impress or show respect to a woman.

Greetings in Britain

Different regions in the UK have varying regional greetings. British are not very tactile. You shake hands when you meet someone for the first time or even just smile at each other especially in formal situations. Hugs are common between two women and between a man and woman. You can also give a kiss on the cheek. However, if you are self-conscious about your smile because of your teeth condition, you can consult a dentist by visiting websites like to restore your sparkling smile. It can include porcelain veneers, bonding, laser teeth whitening, and dental implants. That might restore your confidence to the point where you no longer feel awkward while giving your best smile.

These are some of the unique greeting etiquettes around the world. To avoid embarrassing yourself, ensure that you understand the different types of greetings used by the people of the places you come across.


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