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Travelling Abroad On a Student Budget

There is no wonder that students are the most hard-working people, combining their work with studies and social life. They sometimes need a good rest to restore their forces and just relax. That is why it is of primary importance to put essay writing aside and plan your trip! Keep a track of your personal budget and plan your trip accordingly. It’s not complicated at all. In order to do this, you just need to know a few secrets and have a little bit more time planning your trip. Go ahead and get to know a few tips to have a low-budget but unforgettable trip of your lifetime!

1) The first (and most important) rule: do not be afraid to travel alone. It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s cheap. Some people do not realize that traveling abroad can be done just by themselves without any help, without the involvement of agencies and other organizations – they believe that agencies are the only way to guarantee your safety. But in the end they get a boring vacation mainly leading a sedentary lifestyle on the beach with an all-inclusive hotel, or spend unimaginable sums on a more or less non-standard holiday. Traveling independently is not only possible but necessary as well! Only an independent trip may be the real journey, all the rest – is a tourist vacation. Organizing a great trip is possible for everyone, you just need to show a little independence.

2) To buy air tickets in the appropriate place is one of the main components of the low-budget holiday. The main rule is that you need to remember is that making a purchase beforehand, you have more chances to find an attractive option of the price. Here you can read a special article on how to buy cheap airline tickets.

It is best to look for tickets at Skyscanner, momondo app – these options contain a lot of great deals. These are really good helpers for independent travelers, as they are look for tickets among the hundreds of airlines, and do not take any commission from the customers.

3) Prepare everything for your visa on your own. There is no need to pay several times more to the mediator to arrange and prepare all the documentation. You can do that by yourself because it is not that hard and does not require special knowledge. Search the Internet for information on your nearest consulate or visa application center of the desired country, gather all necessary documents and go to them. Many believe that to do everything through the agency is safer, and it is likely not to get a refusal of a visa. This is a misleading opinion because the whole mission of these intermediaries is that they will assign documents at the consulate for you. It is easy to find tips on how to collect the documents, to improve your chances of obtaining a visa on the Internet.

4) A competent search of hotels. You can use the excellent and choose the right hotel that will correspond to your criteria. This resource compares prices among different hotels and hostels and is able to find the cheapest. In addition, it is also possible to book an apartment on this website. If you need more options to look for apartments, you can also consider looking at websites of comparable caliber like And for those who do want to live for free the vital resource would be CouchSurfing, where after registering and creating a personal profile, you can find people who are ready to shelter travelers at home without charging them at all. The network covers millions of users around the world.

5) Travel light. Take only what is really needed – not burden yourself with unnecessary luggage. As a result – a number of advantages: no need to wait long for the issuance of luggage, there is no danger of losing it, you do not have to pay for overweight (and very curiously that low-cost airlines have the peculiarity that any luggage is always paid separately and can additionally cost you up to a hundred euros). To move around the airport and in your destination will be much easier and more enjoyable if you do not have to pull a huge suitcases and bags.

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6) Learn in advance about the transfer from the airport to the city. Taxi is always the most expensive way. A more profitable option will be to use public transport: bus, subway, train. Read about all the options available before departure – so you will save a lot of money. However, sometimes it is more convenient and cheaper to use individual transfer – for example, when you are traveling in a large company and order a multi-seat car or uber.

7) Night travel on trains and buses – is a good opportunity both to save time and money on the hotel. It is better to take the first-class tickets – will have to overpay a little bit, of course, but you will be comfortable and you will have a good sleep. The bus ride is not so convenient, so it’s best not to overdo it. However, in some places there are bus-sleepers, which feature – recumbent soft shelf instead of the standard seat. They are just a great option for a budget travel, without sacrificing comfort.

8) Use discounts. A lot of websites give you the opportunity to buy coupons at a significant discount on a variety of things and activities: restaurants, shops, entertainment, amusement, recreation, etc. If you are a student, a young teacher, or you just have less than 30 years, it makes sense to use such options and services as ISIC, ITIC or IYTC. In Europe and North America it is possible to get good discounts at a variety of locations – from cafes to museums.

9) Use Skype and Sipnet for being in contact with your beloved ones, and connect to local operators for local calls and the 3G-Internet.

10) Earn money on the go Get viral on social media and you may be able to fund part or even all of your trip. It takes time and energy but man is it worth it. There are sites out there like how to get real soundcloud followers but all you really need to do is double down and work hard. The typical mistake many people make is to feel they should be on all social media platforms, when in fact, you should primarily focus on one medium and create engaging content for that platform. Pick your medium, be it SoundCloud, Instagram or Snapchat, and you can get people following you! Suppose you are using Instagram, work hard to gradually build up a large following. The process of increasing your follower base organically can take a considerable amount of time. However, you can use some inorganic methods, such as buying followers, to ensure that your following increases over time. For instance, you can buy Instagram followers from certain websites that can provide you with certain number of followers for a fixed price. Also, when you’re trying to attract your audience and grow your Instagram following, learning from them could be one of the most effective ways to succeed. For this, you can make use of an Instagram follower tracker that can help you analyze how your followers interacted with your posts, providing you with more insight into how to modify your content accordingly.

11) Find out about the ticketing system for public transport. As a rule, there are many types of travel, depending on the type of transport, duration and movement areas. Think about what type of ticket will be the best option for you. If you want to save money and have decided to be a fare-dodger, bear in mind that in many countries (especially in Europe), the fines for stowaways are very high.

12) Organize your own tour. It is always cheaper to get to the place you are interested in without the participation of agencies, in addition, there is no need to adjust yourself to a predetermined schedule and rhythm.

13) Eat in restaurants and diners for locals. Restaurants for tourists are always cheaper! In such places you will also find true national cuisine at the best value and with the most delicious dishes.

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