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How to Find the Best Hotels in San Jose, Costa Rica

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There are lots of things you can do in Costa Rica. You can travel around the country on a 9-day guided tour of Costa Rica or you can stay in one place and see everything there is for that area. If you are going to be staying in the one place then you’ll want to make sure the hotel you’re staying in is the best possible option. If you are interested in finding the best hotels in Costa Rica then these tips will help you have a truly memorable time visiting this tropical paradise which attracts visitors from all over the world.

It’s Written in the Stars

When reviewing hotels in San Jose one of the first things you may look at is the star rating of the hotel. The majority of us are familiar with the star rating system where the more stars a hotel has the more amenities/comforts it will offer guests. It is also understood that more stars command a higher cost, however, the star rating is just one component you have to consider. A 3 star hotel may be able to provide you with a better experience than a 5 star so it would not be wise to focus solely on star ratings when selecting a hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica. Even if the 5-star hotels have fantastic revPAR software to make sure their hotel runs efficiently.

What are Your Planned Activities in Costa Rica?

Are you going to Costa Rica to attend a wedding/bachelor/graduation party? If you are looking to party then you would want hotels that cater to the “party crowds”. There are hotels in San Jose Costa Rica that have established themselves as the preferred choice for partygoers.

If you are looking for a quiet venue to enjoy the beach and take in all the natural wonders that Costa Rica is renowned for. There is a plethora of eco tours available that your hotel could arrange for you. The San Jose Estuary should be on your list of places to visit while in San Jose.

The time of year you visit Costa Rica can also impact the quality of your hotel stay. If you are the type of person that enjoys peace and quiet then going during the “off-peak” season may be the best option.

What is Your Budget?

This may seem like an odd question to bring up when trying to identify the best hotels San Jose has available such as cocal casino, but your budget will impact your hotel experience. If we circle back to the star rating system you will come across hotels that have a low star rating but provide world class service. A budget friendly hotel may offer you great service but will not have the facilities that a 5-star hotel would have so you must temper your expectations accordingly. Costa Ricans are friendly and inviting so you are going to have a great time while visiting the country.

Is the Hotel Part of a Chain or a Privately-Owned Hotel?

The international chains provide a fairly consistent level of service no matter where in the world you travel. This consistency is great for business travelers however if you are looking for a more “local experience” then going to a privately-owned hotel may be the best option for you.

When we started out our conversation we had the mandate of finding the best hotels in San Jose. The “best” is subjective to the person who is staying at the hotel. The vast majority of hotels in San Jose will easily meet your expectations but when it comes to finding the “best” there are many other variables to consider before a decision can be made.

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