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5 Most Culturally Rich Countries for Your Gap Year

Students go through different twists and experiences in school especially in the process of conceptualizing the events happening in the study environment. Life in there can be dull at times prompting one to look for different experience to keep them growing and learning outside a classroom setting. For that reason, students consider getting a gap year in the course of their learning. Professionals doing freelance writing work from home say that this presents a great opportunity to learn about history, culture, new languages and independence in a year. Here are 5 most culturally rich destinations for your gap year:

1.    Italy

There is a lot to learn from Italy hence the need to get a year or so to be there. During your gap year in Italy, you can spend time in great landscapes that are special to this country. There are ancient ruins and monuments to explore more especially because they act as the basis for cultural movements such as the Italian Renaissance and Gothic periods. The taste of real Italian pizza is something that you would love as well.

2.    Japan

Japan presents pure serenity with the jaw-dropping sight of freshly bloomed cherry blossom. The city of Tokyo is very influential and known for setting trends. There are lots of captivating gardens that you will come across around the nation. Immersing yourself in the Japanese culture will give you a wonderful experience alongside the Japanese speaking skills.

3.    Spain

If you feel that you want to visit Europe, then Spain is definitely your top choice. The country is known for great architectural designs especially in Madrid and the vibrant cultural environment of Seville. There are a lot of sights to behold in this beautiful land. The weather in Spain will also be ideal for a somewhat different experience than you have had at home.

4.    Argentina

With Argentina, you will get the opportunity to travel to regions where world leaders were shaped including Pope Francis heading the Catholic Church. This is the source of the great transformation that happened in South America and around the world as well. The Argentinian culture is not complete without authentic mate tea and riding beside gauchos in the Rio Negro as well as the Andes Mountains.

5.    India

India sparks all the senses. There are great exotic flavours that are central to the land providing you with a lively experience around the country. This country is known to many as the land of festivities owing to the many celebratory events spread throughout the calendar. If you choose to travel to India for your gap year, you will be fulfilled to get a feel of your adventurous cravings while away from your home country.

Final Remarks

Getting a collaborative atmosphere for learning is the dream of every student especially due to the workload and tight programs that often leave most of them stressed. Even if students would make use of a book writing service to get help with their studies, a gap year in one of these culturally rich countries would be a lot helpful to them.

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