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5 Insane Activities Every Outdoor Lover Should Do Once in a Lifetime

Want to call yourself an adrenalin junkie? Well if you try these 5 heart-pumping activities, I’m sure you can do just that. Here are some once in a lifetime extreme activities you have to do. Warning these are not for the faint hearted!


The thought of jumping out of a plane at mid-air might sound like madness to some. But if you want to feel that rush of air against your face and the notion of free-falling through the clouds then a skydive is for you. Most beginners usually start with a tandem dive where you are strapped to a instructor who does all the complicated bits. Leaving you time to enjoy the pull of the parachute opening and the gentle glide back to earth.

Volcano Boarding

Just reading that title might make you think that’s absolutely crazy but it is an extreme activity enjoyed by adventure lovers especially in Nicaragua. The most popular slope is Cerro Negro which is near Leon in western Nicaragua. Hike up the volcano and slide down, sitting or standing, on a thin plywood or metal board. Definitely the top of the bucket list for those travelling in Nicaragua.

Cliff Jumping

Jumping from the edge of a cliff might not sound like the best idea. But as an organised activity it might just be that day you remember for the rest of your life. Launching yourself into the unknown from a cliff edge into the sea is a breath taking, heart pumping experience. Why not check out www.outdooractivities.co.uk, to find a supervised cliff jumping experience in the UK. The experts know the best and safest places to make your jump so you can let go and enjoy your activity.

Bungee Jumping

Quite a brave thing to do, jump off a platform, only to be thrust back up and down until the bungee cord becomes slack. But what a rush you will feel once you take that plunge. Don’t worry though, the cord is extremely strong and designed to stretch during the jumper’s fall and to repeatedly snap back up. Each jumper is weighed, to make sure that the correct bungee rope is used. So as long as you book with a safe reputable company, all you have to concentrate on is stepping off that platform.

Dog Sledding

An outdoor adventure that the whole family can enjoy isn’t without it’s extremes. Experience a race across the snowy slopes with these amazing animals. Learn about looking after the dogs and how they trained before taking the reins yourself and controlling the sled. You might be surprised at just how fast and powerful these dogs are. The best places to try this activity are in Scandinavian Countries such as Norway or Sweden and also in Iceland. Preferably somewhere with plenty of snow for a winter sports destination.

What do you think?

So, are you daring enough to try these extreme and insane activities?  Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and dive right in. Remember you’ll regret the things you didn’t do much more than the things you did. Try something new and exciting on your next break and join all of those people who call themselves adrenalin junkies. What is your favourite extreme activity?


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