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13 Breathtaking Places To Visit In The Philippines

Picking places to go in the Philippines is easy when you are using the list below.  You can pick the places from this list, and filling out your trip with each one makes it all that much more exciting.

  1. Boracay

What is the population of the Philippines? There are millions, but many of them has not been to this little spot that is popular among tourists.  It is quiet and picturesque.

  1. Puerta Princesa

The poor is one of many that were established during the colonial age, and it still has the old world styling that you will enjoy seeing.

  1. Chocolate Hills

These hills are a good place to hike, and they will give you a wonderful place to camp or tent overnight.  You can take amazing pictures as if you are stuck in the mountains, and the dark vegetation does have the color of chocolate.

  1. Panglao Island

This little island is a good picture spot and picnic location for couples.  Take a charter boat out for at least half the day so you can enjoy yourself.

  1. The Rice Terraces

The rice terraces are places where whole rice paddies sit on a terrace, and they have steppes that will come down to sea level.  They are a gorgeous site when you catch them from far off.

  1. Mactan

This mountain is a great place for you to hike in the foothills, and it allows you to have a lovely day approaching the mountain and watching the cloud cover change throughout the day.

  1. Rizal Park

The park is an historic park that has been around since colonial times, and it will give you a lovely place to rest after spending the day in the city.

  1. Coron Island

This is a good place to go when you want to have a good time at the beach, and it also helps you have a nice day away from all the clutter of the city.

  1. Siargao

This little cove is a good place to spend the day at the beach, and it is very quiet because many tourists do not know about it.

  1. Taal Volcano

The volcano is dormant, and it has a lovely lake on top.  You will enjoy how this looks, and you could even take a boat ride across the lake.

  1. Kawasan Falls

The Kawasan Falls are a natural wander that you can stand under if you and the family want to wade int he waters below it.

  1. Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago was built during colonial times, and it is still standing even after it was used several hundred years ago by the Spanish.

  1. Mayon

This is another mountain that you can hike around, and the bravest of travelers could even try to submit this peak.

You can get all these places into one trip as you take boats to remote locations, hike the mountains, and enjoy the water features that make this country special.

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