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Why Tokyo should be in your 2020 travel plans

Tokyo is a neon metropolis – a shining beacon of innovation among Japan’s mountainous landscapes and gorgeous cherry blossoms and is interwoven with the country’s traditional culture. If you’ve been agonising over where to travel in 2020 then look no further than this incredible city.

Japan is a mesmerising country, blending futurism with ancient culture. More and more adventurers are opting to visit this country thanks to this and its spectacular scenery. This East Asian gem is also known for being a haven for foodies.

As Japan boasts all this to entice and please visitors, it’s little wonder, therefore, that the country has been selected to play host to global events. Last year’s Rugby World Cup was a roaring success, and Tokyo is set to take centre stage across the world at the upcoming Summer Olympic Games.

Whether you opt to travel to Tokyo before the Olympics to experience the buzz of anticipation, during the summer to take the opportunity to watch live sports, or after the event, there are so many reasons Tokyo should be in your 2020 travel plans. Why? Read on…

The food

We’ve already touched on this, but the food in Tokyo is such a draw for tourists – it really is that good. Tuck into sour sushi or a dish of thick soba noodles, slurp a steaming bowl of ramen or dip a light tempura to experience the true taste of Japan, and Tokyo.

The temples and shrines

There are an incredible amount of brightly coloured, awe-inspiring temples and shrines to visit in the city. If you only get to visit one, make it Sensoji. This is an ancient Buddhist temple – the oldest in Tokyo.

The sumo

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch sumo wrestling while you’re in Tokyo. This city holds many of the country’s major tournaments, so you should have a good chance of getting your hands on tickets during your visit. The Ryōgoku Sumo Hall is a buzzing arena during these bouts – it’s an experience to remember!

The fashion

More specifically Harajuku fashion. You’ll be able to admire some Japanese locals wearing these wonderful outfits. Expect platform footwear, bold hairstyles and brightly coloured clothing.

The transport

Millions of people use public transport every day in Tokyo and for tourists this sure is an experience. The trains are brightly coloured, efficient and have smartly dressed attendants keeping everything in order. On the platforms you’ll discover markings signposting exactly where the train doors will be – but be prepared to be packed like sardines into the carriages!

Travel to Tokyo in 2020 and beyond and take the opportunity to immerse yourself in this truly spectacular city. Experience all this city has to offer, and why not make it an adventure of a lifetime by extending your trip to wider Japan?

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