Why Has Paris Got Such A Romantic Reputation?

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As long as you can remember, Paris has always been known as the city of love. With many people visiting the city every year and trying to find the Best Area In Paris To Stay In so they can have their romantic experience. This statement grew in fame so much and Hollywood movies made the fame even grow more by having part of their movies shot there. In addition, Paris was among the very first towns to start advertising great and romantic honeymoon packages. These, compounded with other factors, led to the world wide view of Paris being the most romantic town in the world. As a result, many people take vacations here and this article will try and let you know why Paris romantic city vacation is the best.

Paris gives you royal treatment
One of the most unique things about Paris is that vacationers and honeymooners get royal treatment. To give you an idea, in Paris, you will get exquisite linen on your king size bed, pure crystal chandeliers, marble baths and custom made furniture that is fit to be used by any king. All these and you more you will find in a romantic hotel such as Rive Gauche and your honeymoon will be the best part of you getting married. Couple this with exemplary hotel attendants and you will leave Paris with the romantic bug on you. And if you are like, considering more conservative and economical vacation, budget hotels can be found on sites like HostelBookers.com

World class dining and wining
Parisians have known that there can be no romance without food and wine and hence the food and hotel industry in Paris is top notch. If you are booked at a great hotel like the Normandy, you will be treated to the best French cuisine and wine, no one will rush you to leave the table and the hotel attendants have been trained to know when you and your love done need some time alone. After the meal, the hotel welcomes you into a room made just for lovers. This is another thing that has given Paris its romantic reputation.

In Paris, pleasure is literally that, pleasure
Another thing that you will note once you enter Paris is that pleasure is given priority over almost everything else. The second you arrive in the city, you’re ready to get into that bedroom and get some sweet revenge on your partner who works way too much! In Paris, your loved one and you will get the best spas, massages that include skin treatment, stores that sell romantic and intimate lingerie and this gives you an idea why many people keep on going to Paris every now and then, and may perhaps engage in steamy and romantic situations as if they’re being filmed for a tubev.sex scene as an example, the romance of Paris brings out the passion and lust in people.

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Paris has great views
It also goes without that in as much as the only thing you will want to see is your loved one; Paris has a way of tempting you to look away. This is due to the building architecture that is Gothic in its own, discreetly curving streets that bring the r

omance out, great monuments like the Eiffel tower that allow you to see all of Paris from a bird’s point of view among others. When honeymooning in Paris, you will have to find a balance between your loved one, the great views and the camera.

Paris loves public romance – Love is in the Air!
Perhaps the greatest thing about Paris is that it is the one place in the world where you will be allowed to show your passion for your loved one in public. Once you have booked yourself in to a romantic hotel like the Hôtel de Ville, you get to kiss in public and there is no one who will be bothered by that. Actually, there are guides who will readily show you the most romantic kissing spots in Paris and take the photographs as you kiss. What could be more romantic?

As you can see from the above, Paris easily clinches the title of the most romantic place on earth. The great views, romantic hotels, public displays of affection and the fact that honeymooners keep on coming year n year out all goes to tell you that if you that a Paris romantic city vacation is the best one you can take. There is no doubt that Paris is one of the most attractive destinations in European travel.

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