Top Three Most Relaxing Stress-Free Destinations for Nurses to Visit

Today’s nurses are being met with all kinds of wonderful and exciting new opportunities. With the healthcare field going through rapid and extensive changes at the moment, it has really opened up the door to those who want to take on more of a leadership role in nursing, but they must also have higher education, such as the nurse practitioner doctorate degree. With an annual salary of a nurse practitioner just over $101,000, it’s really no surprise that the field is garnering a lot of interest in the medical community.

Of course, with nurse practitioner programs at this school, there is a lot of studying on your part. Whether you’re still in the middle of your program or you are now a graduate who is looking to start off their career, a stress-free vacation could be exactly what you need. So, before you book your trip, you may want to take a look at these top three most relaxing stress-free destinations ideal for nurses. Stress in life can take many forms and unfortunately, nurses are at the front line of it. Having a break away is a great idea but they could also look at long term relief too. Medical marijuana can be used in times of extreme stress but a doctor must be consulted first. If this is available, they may want to look at smoking accessories to see what they could potentially get.


Sure, Iceland may not immediately be the destination you first think of for relaxation, but it could end up being just what you need. Iceland is a place where quiet solitude is possible. You will be able to explore the natural beauty of the landscape, the water, and the wildlife without all the noise and bustle of city life.

The area of Landmannalaugar is especially scenic, as this is where you’ll find the brightly colored mountains which are perfect for hiking. After a hike, you can relax in the natural hot springs for the ultimate experience. You might even want to get a 4×4 rental iceland car and visit all the amazing landscapes that Iceland has to offer.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

While Amsterdam is a busy city filled with all kinds of sights, attractions, culture, and history, it’s also one that you can truly take your time exploring and set a very relaxing pace. It’s a fabulous city to explore by foot or bike, which is what the locals tend to do, and it offers new sights on practically every street corner. What’s great about this city is that it doesn’t feel overcrowded either, so it’s not that same level of hustle and bustle.

You can make your visit even more special and more relaxing by staying in one of the smaller, more quaint hotels rather than a big chain location.

The Maldives

When it comes to a destination that is known for relaxation and luxury, the Maldives is the perfect answer. Known as one of the best spa destinations in the entire world, you know you’re in for a vacation that focuses on pampering. The Maldives is made up of hundreds of lush tropical islands that are surrounded by the Indian Ocean with its crystal-clear turquoise water. You will also find a variety of luxury accommodations here, which will just add to the overall lushness of the vacation.

Take the Break You Deserve

Nursing is one of the most demanding and stressful fields to work in, which means a relaxing stress-free vacation is well deserved.