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Top Places to Visit After Lockdown

As countries of the world gradually loosen up on their lockdown periods and recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the thoughts on the minds of most people is where they will go for a period of recovery.

Many people have cities they want to revisit because they hold unforgettable moments for them, while others would like to start from a clean slate.

Here, we’re looking at some of the best places to visit post COVID-19 lockdown.


Not too long ago, Christchurch was a city gradually recovering from the 2011 earthquake crisis. Things appear fine at first, until the cracks, the uneven angles and askew lintels become visible.

But the lively mall with its specialty shops, laidback buskers, Lego-adorned coffee shops and coloured flower pots were the first signs of this bohemian town’s resilience.

At a time when we are concentrating on healing and a better future, many people look forward either to seeing Christchurch again, or for the first time.

Brda Goriska, Slovenia.

In the far west of Slovenia, there is a sun-soaked corner where Hemingway set A Farewell to Arms, and where the border with Italy was drawn after the First World War.

Goriška Brda is the winemaking birthplace of Slovenia. It is actually a cluster of several small villages overshadowed to the north by the Alps and to the south by the Adriatic, each attractively situated on soft-rolled hilltops and sedimentary soil, with a special terroir called one of the best for white wine in the world.

Dakar, Senegal

If you’re looking to encounter a blend of European and African culture, Dakar in Senegal definitely should be on your list of post-lockdown destinations.

Dakar is in western Africa and is the capital of Senegal. It is also the country’s largest city, and popular for the Grandee Mosque, which is known for its towering minaret in its Medina quarter.

Dakar has a vibrant city and nightlife with discos, parties and outdoor fun characterised by African architecture.

Originally colonised by the French, Dakar offers the ideal fusion of African and French architecture and culture.

Best of all, with the 30th Dakar Fashion Week coming up in June happening at the same time with the launch of Bantu Wax, the city’s first design hotel, 2020 is certainly the year to visit Senegal, and hopefully, the COVID-19 situation will have eased down enough for this to happen.

Cinque Terre, Italy

One thing about the capital city of Rome is that Italy rarely disappoints. Wherever you go, or what you do in Italy, it doesn’t matter, you’ll always have the time of your life.

But when it comes to beautiful sceneries, delicious local food, rich culture, and incredible past, no place suits the bill as much as Cinque Terre in the whole of Italy.

One of the best destinations for holiday in Europe is Cinque Terre. Host to picturesque villages, spectacular coastal sceneries and a myriad of exciting events, Cinque Terre is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, enabling you to see the rich history and culture of this Italian city during your holidays.

Perth, Australia

While not as popular as neighbouring Sydney and Melbourne, Perth still offers holiday seekers tonnes of attraction. This well positioned destination offers everything from whale sightings to beach biking.

Or you can experience the vibrant night market and wonderful restaurants that deliver mouth-watering meals as opposed to Sydney or Melbourne.

Post lockdown is a perfect time to come, if you’ve never been here before. And what else? Before you visit, you can get a lot of information about Australia, because there are loads of information on the Ausmove website as well as on different travel websites


Crete is one of the most populous islands in Greece, which boasts an incredible 3,000 miles of mountains and valleys which are hemmed by the Libyan and Aegean seas on all sides. Crete is also blessed with an abundance of sunshine during the year making it a destination for visitors looking for a little sun and sea.

If you love history, you will find archaeological artefacts left over from the Minoan period, one of the earliest civilizations in Europe, on Crete.

You can also spend some time at the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion where you’ll learn about various Greek gods including Knossos and the mythical half-man half bull Minotaur.

Eifel Mountains, Germany

The Eifel mountains – a continuation of the Ardennes – is among the nicest areas of Germany.

It is beautiful, with its half-timbered and slate homes, less than thirty-two kilometres south of Aachen, about an hour from Cologne and just at the Belgian border.

In summer, there are excursions to the Rur barrier lake and to the Life Museum of the Peasants in Lammersdorf.

As you can see, there are just so many beautiful places all over the world to visit once lockdown eases. However, no matter where you go, remember to pay attention to your health and obey the health laws in your destination. This is one of the effective ways to avoid a repeat of what we are currently going through.



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