Top Camping Spots In New England

Camping enthusiasts from all around the world love different environments. Some like oceans and rivers while others like mountains. No matter what you personally enjoy, New England can accommodate you since there is a huge terrain variety that is present. I’ve heard many people say that they have looked into camper trailers for sale to properly experience New England with so it must be worth a lengthy stay. We are quite confident in saying that you will appreciate absolutely everything that this location offers. Just make sure to bring the best equipment chosen after reading some Unbiased camping product reviews, as it is a guarantee that you will want to consider the following camping spots in New England.

Lake Waramaug State Park – New Preston

Lake Waramaug is usually not considered since many see Long Island Sound as the best option that is available for nature lovers but the truth is that this is a really cherished campground right in Litchfield Hills. It is surrounded by rounded, small peaks and you gain access to 77 camping sites, right next to a forest and the majestic lake. Those that visit can enjoy fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass, swim, go on a canoe ride or simply bask in the surrounding wilderness.

Charlestown Breachway – Rhode Island

Quite a gem in New England, perfect for both first time campers and for experienced professionals. You should know the fact that there are no beach towels covering the sand here and the ocean temperature is perfect for swimming. Charlestown is wonderful for various different activities and you are quite close to Ninigret. You can surfast for stripers, walk the Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge and can windsurf on a pond. 75 great camping sites are available.

Mount Greylock State Reservation – Adams

There are just 15 sites available but you will love the tallest peak in Massachusetts. The Stony Ledge is a great tourist destination and many interesting scenic attractions can be viewed here. Many have also said that for the Yosemite National Park in California if you’re interested in having a few camping spots to visit but I digress. You can reach the campsite thanks to a 1.3 miles trek that starts in the Rockwell Road parking area. If you are a hardcore hiker, you can also use the 2.4 mile climb that starts from Williamstown. Set up the tent and just explore untarnished nature. A friend went exploring there and decided to take a branded marquee with her to give her small business some exposure while she was enjoying her holiday, she was so happy with the look of her beautiful marquee.

Boston Harbor Islands

Many that want to visit the islands will start from Georges Island, which is 45 minutes away from Long Wharf via ferry. You will want to visit Fort Warren, which was built in the year 1833. During the Civil War, over 2000 Confederate soldiers were held here and Union troops were training at Fort Warren. We are talking about a perfect spot to visit various interesting areas. You will want to go to Grape Island and a 2 night stay at the campground is usually enough for a great time. We are talking about a perfect weekend getaway here. You might want to push the boat out and go as a family or even a group of friends, if you do then you will need a bigger tent. Read more from this article on different options on the market.

Button Bay State Park – Addison

The last highly recommended campsite in New England is by no means the last to consider. You can easily find yourself lost in the scenery and you will want to take your bike with you or visit Button Bay Road. Some of the local attractions include Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains. Travelers can easily enjoy any of the 72 sites here, all with wonderful views of the mountains surrounding Button Bay State Park.


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