The Worlds 5 Best Cities For A BIG Party..!!

Graybit-RTW-Travel-Party-SceneWherever you are in the world, you’re never far from a party, the worlds best DJ ‘s and Disco Disco time…!! The list below gives you the Top-5 count down to the best cities around the world to party hard 7 days a week…!!

5. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Best known as the location of the world’s biggest street party, The Mardi Gras which takes place in February or March each year. At this time Rio becomes party central with street parties happening every day.

Even out of season, Rio is a magnet for party animals with numerous bars and clubs offering excellent and cheap drinks and music for all tastes. Copacabana is the main nightlife party zone with something happening most nights. Clubs like Fosfobox, Club Six and Melt are the cities most popular, entry fees are around R$25 (US$12) and drinks will vary from R$5 (US$2.50) and upwards. Brazilian bars operate a system where you pay your entry and bar tab on entrance so expect to shell out around R$80-100 when you go in. You can also make like the locals and get some cheaper pre club drinks at the pop up bars you see everywhere…

Areas like Leblon are more upmarket and tend to have a more exclusive and well-attired crowd. Brazilians are in general very friendly and party-centric and Rio is also very gay friendly with a massive selection of gay venues.

Rio clubs will require ID and a degree of smart dress so don’t turn up in board shorts of flip flops because you will not get in!

4. Barcelona

One of Europe’s most beautiful cities with a lot of very beautiful people. The Spanish certainly know how to party and Barcelona is one of the best places to see this in action.

The locals tend to start late and will take to a bar for tapas and drinks before the nights activities. Tourists tend to stick to Las Ramblas but try the surrounding areas like El-Raval, L’eixample and Cuitat Vella for quaint local bars. A beer or wine in a tapas bar can be as cheap as €1 for a local beer or €2 for a cheap wine. Mojitos and cocktails are often two for €5, or €3 each.

Once it’s time to hit the dance floor places like Moog, Razzmatazz and La Terrazza are some of the city’s nightlife institutions. Venues are sometimes free to get in before a certain time, normally 11:00, but remember the Spanish don’t start til late so you could end up having a very long night… Otherwise €10-20 isn’t uncommon in standard entry fees to most clubs. There are lots of smaller options though so pay attention to local press and flyers handed out on the side streets around Las Ramblas – some places charge €5 entry and are more intimate venues than those mentioned above. Drinks in venues vary from €5 for a beer to €10 for cocktails.

Some clubs are scattered around the greater Barcelona area so you may need to take a taxi to get to/from your night out. Expect to pay something in the region of €20 to get from central Barcelona to one of the more local oriented clubs.

The dress code in Barcelona tends to be cool or smart so come prepared…Graybit - RTW Travel - Party Scene Courtesy of Photostock

3. Bangkok

Possibly the hedonist’s capital of the world, Bangkok can literally offer the party of your life every night. Bangkok is definitely one of the seedier places to enjoy a night out but this doesn’t detract from its charms and in fact once you’ve caught a ping-pong show or been to a hostess club you can get onto the serious business of getting very drunk and dancing all night, for extremely cheap.

RCA is a complex of super bars/clubs on the edge of the city that charge around 200Baht (US$5) entry which includes a drinks voucher booklet. The music is very loud and the clientele are very well dressed Thai’s looking for fun – scattered with ex-pats and tourists. Once RCA closes there are always options to party into the night elsewhere.

Sukhumvit is the heart of the seedier side of the clubbing life, Soi Cowboy and Nana complex being the draws for most tourists with their overpriced drinks and scantily clad ladies. But Club Insomnia, near Soi Cowboy is an excellent venue full of the beautiful and well dressed individuals that is full of middle class Thai’s and ex-pats alike. It costs around 100 Baht to get in and expect to pay 100-200 Baht for a drink.

Khao San road is the tourist hotel hotspot but is also where Thai’s go to party at night. The strip itself is scattered with nightlife hotspots open til the early hours, the most popular being The Club and Lava Club – often free to get in or at least cheap (around 50 Baht at most). Drinks though are at least 100 Baht.

Other clubs of note include Spicy and Climax, popular haunts for ‘entertainment’ girls after hours – therefore also single men looking to get lucky.

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2. London

London’s nightlife is legendary, with some of the worlds best and well known nightclubs and at least several World Famous DJs playing every night.

Clubs such as Fabric, XOYO, Exit and Cable all cater to the hardcore end of the nightclub spectrum, often hosting bass heavy music such as drum ‘n bass or hard house. Entry to these venues tends to be in the 15-20 bracket although some nights can be cheaper and pre-booking can be cheaper still. Drinks in major clubs are normally around 5 for a bottled beer or spirit and mixer.

For those looking for the local experience or smaller venues there are many many options in every corner of the city. In central London, Soho and Leicester square are popular every night, with Soho being the centre of the gay scene, Heaven and GAY being in the area, but also having some excellent bars.

Outside of the centre, areas such as Shoreditch, Camden and Brixton/Clapham have more pubs and bars than most other cities alone – with events happening pretty much every night. Expect to pay 10 to get into a standard club or 5 to get into a late night bar.

Different areas have different dress styles but generally dress to impress. Some areas like Shoreditch or Camden can be a little more eccentric or hipster but generally smart is best. Always bring ID.

To be honest, London is not only famous for its nightlife. London has a number of things that make it a great place to visit. For instance, you can purchase some of the best CBD oils UK while you are in London. If you are into CBD, then you might know how tough it is to get good-quality CBD products at some places. However, sourcing CBD is perhaps not the issue when you are in the UK.

1. Miami

It may not have as many clubs as NYC or be as out and out hedonistic as Las Vegas, but Miami wins the crown simply by being a nightlife purist. Miami also pips New York and Las Vegas on account of being sexier, beachier and not being all about the money…

Of course, the US does not have a dearth of cities to party in! No matter which state you live in, you’re sure to find night clubs or bars that can bring you into the energetic mood. If you live somewhere in SC, for example, you can still make your bachelorette party or ladies night in, a smashing one with a little (covert) help from Spartanburg male strippers or their likes. As for drinks, what better than all your favorite booze from a nearby liquor store? Or a pub crawl? So, the USA itself is sort of like one big party! But let’s focus on Miami for a minute…

Miami Beach is where most of the best bars are, Metropolis, Nikki Beach Club and Opium Garden being among the most famous, but clubs Downtown can also offer some excellent clubbing options, Club Space for example.

During the Winter Music Conference, the nightlife industry descends on Miami, and superstars, DJs, the rich and famous people rub shoulders with the party crowd, and this is when the party really comes alive. Miami makes a great nightlife destination any time of the year due to its weather, choice of music, and proximity to the beach. Clubs, house parties, and music festivals can be a few of the focal activities to enjoy at night in Miami. You could explore various venues for the same and perhaps, buy concert tickets online or check this out get more information about different artists performing in the city.

Nightclubs charge anything from $10 up to US$20 entry and drinks are around $5 -15. There are bars all along the waterfront and on the side streets which are cheaper options than drinking in the club.

Miami is sexy and cool so dress to impress and remember your sunscreen!


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