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The top 5 things to do in Orlando

If you have never been to Orlando, then hopefully this guide will showcase what is going on there and what you can see/do on your vacation or weekend away. You may need to check out places to stay overnight so you can enjoy it as much as possible. From Orlando resorts to hotels, there is something for everyone!

1. SeaWorld

Enthralling young and old from 1974, SeaWorld is aquatic adventure at its finest. It’s not just the creatures of the deep that the park is famous for. While here, tackle Grade 4 rapids with Infinity Falls and hang on for dear life at the world’s tallest drop! Taking rollercoasters to a whole new level is Mako, also known as a hyper coaster, Manta that lets you live the giant ray life, and Kraken, a beast of a coaster. If all this is too much, take a top on the Flamingo Paddle Boats, or go up to Sky Tower to enjoy a panoramic view of the park. Orlando is also home to the other parks, Discovery Cove and Aquatica, so you can check those out too. This is a great teaching facility and a good learning experience for every member of your family.

2. Walt Disney World Resort

You can’t come to Orlando and not visit this world famous theme park. If you really think about it, Walt Disney made theme parks more popular than they were. This is not a place you can experience in a few hours, just for the sheer number of things for you to have fun doing. The Resort is actually a collection of 4 theme parks, including the charming Magic Kingdom. Apart from this, there are more than 25 hotels to stay in and dine at and two theme parks including the Blizzard Beach Water Park and the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park.

3. NASA (Kennedy Space Center)

Go beyond the world at the Kennedy Space Centre, just a few miles away from Orlando. You’ll gain a new appreciation for the minds of hard-working, ingenious scientists as you make your way through rocket exhibits and launch pads. If you ever felt like you should have been a part of a launch, you can fulfil that desire with the simulated Shuttle launch available here. From fascinating stories about space travel to stellar IMAX movies, this is truly an inspirational place to visit.

4. Universal Studios

All the glitz of movies in an unforgettable theme park. That’s Universal Studios for you. Who can deny the irresistible pull of the movies? Especially when they are the spectacular audio-visual delights that Universal creates? You probably have their film posters on your wall from those amazing blockbuster movies you’ve been watching for years. Some of the things that you can enjoy here include a magical trip through the world of Harry Potter, complete with a walk through Diagon Alley and some delicious British pub food at the Leaky Cauldron. If you’re a fan of the Transformers series, then there’s an exciting 3D ride just for you! From Minions to Gu, and the Simpsons family, the Studio offers you a great experience. What’s more, you might even get to see a movie being made!

5. Luxury Vacation Homes

Because Orlando is such a popular family destination, it’s but natural to see the staggering number of places to stay here. While you could choose a hotel for your stay, why not consider luxury vacation rentals Orlando for the duration of your visit? You can relax, organise pool picnics and BBQs, spend time with members of your group and recharge before setting off to the many attractions of the place.

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