The Most Affordable Cities to Live in Australia

Australia is becoming one of the most popular destinations for emigration in the world, thanks to the laid back lifestyle, the warm climate, the multitude of jobs in Australia for UK citizens, the multicultural communities and the high standard of living. It’s not difficult to see why so many people are choosing to move from the UK and enjoy a life Down Under. If you are tired of the grey and rainy winters in the UK, you might be thinking of trading them in for a little Australian sunshine.

One of the things that Australia is known for is its sky-high prices. It is one of the more expensive countries to live in the world, especially if you chose to live in one of the popular metropolises such as Melbourne or Sydney. But these cities do offer a wide variety of job opportunities. Accounting for almost half of Australia’s economic growth, these cities are a hub for job hunters. Availability of diplomas and certifications in areas like childcare or the traffic control courses melbourne and Sydney make way for a higher employability ratio in these cities.

However, living abroad in Australia doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. There are some spots where you can live in Australia where the cost of accommodation and basic life expenses is relatively affordable. Allowing you to splash out in other areas like decorating your new living space or more opportunities to get out there and party. These lovely cities still have a lot to offer, but they don’t have the sky high prices of the major cities. Here are some options for when you emigrate to Australia.


Of all the major cities in Australia, the beautiful city of Adelaide is the cheapest to live in. It is clean, has a lot of green spaces, has a spacious layout and a beautiful beachside. Thanks to its affordable house prices, Mediterranean climate and laid back lifestyle it is becoming a very popular place for new arrivals to Australia to live.

The property prices and the prices for goods and services are all very reasonable in Adelaide. It is also known for being the food and wine capital of Australia, so if you like to enjoy fine food and wine you will love it here.


This lively city is close enough to Sydney so that you can visit Australia’s largest city often, but it is much more affordable. It is often rated one of the most liveable small cities, thanks to the energetic vibe of the city centre and the gorgeous beaches.


Wollongong has a high population of students, as the University of Wollongong is one of the top universities in the world. It has high graduate employment rates and an international reputation for its academic program and its international research.

There are a lot of options for low living costs in Wollongong, especially if you look on websites such as Gumtree to find second-hand furniture which can be found plentiful here. Yes don’t be afraid to get second-hand, there are many great ideas to furnish your new living space with something someone else used to own. In Wollogong you can have your low-cost living and enjoy it too!


Why not consider living in the capital of the island of Tasmania, the second oldest city in Oz? Hobart is a quiet and peaceful city with a laid back pace of life and it is surrounded by an incredible amount of natural beauty. The city is relatively small and easily walkable, so you will save money on public transport and car expenses.

This is also a university city – the University of Tasmania is ranked among the top ten universities in Australia. It is possible to find lots of options for affordable housing and the day to day cost of life isn’t too expensive.


Many people believe that Sydney is the capital of Australia, as it is the largest city. However, the title of capital goes to Canberra, which is actually one of the smallest cities in the nation. It is located in the Australian Capital Territory and it has a population of just over 373,000 people. You can expect quite a variation in temperature here – the temperature will go as low as zero in the winter or as high as 28 degrees during summer.

According to a report by the REIA, the Australian Capital Territory is the most affordable state or territory in Australia in which to purchase a home according to the proportion of income that is required to make loan payments.

These are just a few examples of the most affordable cities in Australia to live. Of course, where you end up living in Australia will depend on your job opportunities, your preferences, your style of living and much more – so take your time and do your research so that you can find your ideal Australian location.


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