The best water sports to enjoy on holiday

There’s no better cure when you’re feeling low than getting some fresh air and really enjoying the outdoors. With so many amazing locations and activities to choose from, you could be spoiled for choice, so here are two few firm favourite activities that just get better and better every year.

Canoying image by Cyril Bele, shared under a Creative Commons Licence
Canoying image by Cyril Bele, shared under a Creative Commons Licence

Gorge walking and canyoning

Popular among school groups, gorge walking and canyoning are also known as great team building exercises for people of all ages and abilities.

Gorge walking consists of scrambling (a term for climbing without the need for a harness, usually used to describe relatively easy climbs) up a wet river bed, overcoming any obstacles which appear in your way. While you might not need to wear a harness for uncomplicated climbs, you have to wear a helmet and a life jacket on every gorge walk.

Canyoning is slightly different as it gets a lot more technical. It usually takes place in very remote settings and requires a fair amount of skill. You can be required to perform particular jumps or technical swims in order to complete the course, and this kind of practice usually involves a little initial training.

For some of the best vertical descents, nothing beats Scotland. Fort William in Perthshire is a fantastic destination, where you can sample jumps, slides, swimming through natural pools and even an abseil if you are feeling brave.

Barracuda image by Phil's 1stPix, shared under a Creative Commons Licence
Barracuda image by Phil’s 1stPix, shared under a Creative Commons Licence

Fishing excursions

Fishing on holiday is a great way to experience a different side of your destination; the coast. Fishing trips are becoming increasingly popular with tourists and locals as they give them the chance to see, feel and most importantly, eat, the wonderful fish that lurk just beyond the shore. If this is something that is of interest, it may worth finding out additional info, especially in relation to obtaining a legal fishing license. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re kitted out with some good fishing gear too. You can find buying guides, tips and tricks, as well as information on sustainability in the activity of fishing all over on the Fishstainable website, and much more to boot.

There are plenty of fishing trips in Key West, but I’m sure that there are many in other locations too.

Many coastal destinations offer fishing trips to visitors and fishermen from around the world are drawn to destinations in the UAE, especially Dubai, because of its stunning scenery and beautiful, clear blue seas. Just make sure to check out the boat gps reviews before you go to make sure you can find the finest fish out on the seas with little hassle. It helps to do that research and ensure a good day out in the crystal clear Dubai waters.

Visitors can explore Dubai’s beautiful coastline and sample hotspots such as The World Islands, a breathtaking artificial archipelago of small islands made from sand dredged from the sea bed that look just like a world map. You can also visit Palm Jumeira and Burj Al Arab, which are home to some of the most exotic fish in the world, like the kingfish, the hamoour, the sailfish and the barracuda.

There are lots of ways to enjoy water on holiday, from swimming to surfing and kayaking, but fishing, canoying and gorge walking are often overlooked, so why not give them a try on holiday this year?