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The Best Georgia Skiing Resorts for All Levels of Experience

Whether you’re a total beginner or an absolute pro, you’ll find the perfect place for your next winter vacation in our list of the best Georgia skiing resorts!

Vail. St. Mortiz. Tbilisi?

Although Georgia might not come to mind as a ski destination, it should. The country’s northern border with Russia features the Caucasus Mountains, including Mt. Elbrus, the tallest mountain on the continent.

A ski trip to Georgia comes with all the exhilaration of the French Alps but without the prices – and somehow more cheese!

Where should you book your trip? Try these Georgia skiing resorts on for size.

1. Gudauri

Gudauri is perhaps Georgia’s most famous resort, and it is undoubtedly its largest.

With 34.8 kilometers of ski slopes and elevation changes of 1993 m to 3276 m as well as 15 lifts and options for heli-skiing, it offers some of the best skiing in Georgia for beginners and professionals alike.

Gudauri also provides a wide range of accommodation, including typical ski chalets as well as more luxurious properties catering to highly-flying Russians. The resort is also easy to reach. Regular buses run here from both Tbilisi and Kutaisi, including buses direct from both international airports.

If you’re coming to Georgia to see Tbilisi and ski for a few days, then Gudauri is your best option.

2. Bakuriani

Bakuriani is a happy medium between the crowds at Gudauri and the remote location of Tetnuldi. Located only two to three hours from both Tbilisi and Kutaisi, the ski resort is perfect for families because it caters to all levels. The resort also meets Olympic standards.

Here, you’ll find 29 kilometers of slopes with 20 ski lifts but with slightly less elevation difference (1740 m – 2702 m).

Luxury resorts are in short supply here, but you’ll find plenty of quintessential Georgian guesthouses catering to international tourists here.

3. Tetnuldi

Located high in the medieval Svaneti region of Georgia, Tetnuldi is only a short drive from the picturesque mountain village of Mestia.

You can stay at the resort or down in the village, which offers a range of guesthouses as well as a world-class museum funded by the national museum in Tbilisi.

While you’re in Mestia, you can also visit Hatsvali, a slightly smaller resort that’s a similar distance from the town.

Getting to Mestia is much more complicated than Gudauri. It’s a long haul from Tbilisi and even an eight hour trip by road from Kutaisi (via Zugdidi). The brave among us might try to self-drive, but the bus or a private transport company are your best options.

The views of the mountains are stunning, but the road itself is dangerous, especially for those unfamiliar with it. Like the other mountain roads, it also closes during bad weather, so you need to ask before traveling during ski season.

Georgia’s Skiing Resorts Cater to Everyone

Georgia’s skiing resorts offer world-class skiing that impresses professional athletes in a stunning, largely undeveloped mountain setting.

If you’re looking for a ski trip that caters to different levels and comes with week-long lift passes that cost only $10, then Georgia is a perfect choice.

Are you looking for more ideas for your next trip? Check out our article on backcountry skiing in Japan.

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