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The Beauty of Europe: Romantic Locations & Events

Europe is arguably the most diverse continent in the world, with countries ranging from Ireland to Azerbaijan, each with its own unique climate, culture and landscape. If you’re looking to take a romantic weekend away there is really no other alternative that offers such variety – especially important as both of you need to be happy with the location! Whether you and your other half love to spend time sunbathing on the beach, or learning to build an igloo, you can do pretty much anything somewhere in Europe! Why not check out to find all the travel essentials you’ll need for the perfect weekend away.

Corfu, Greece

One of many small islands around Greece that are so worth a visit, Corfu is one of the most popular with tourists for good reason. The pebble beaches look out on to perfectly clear water, and the cliffs surrounding most beaches have been almost perfectly sculpted by the power of the waves to leave an idyllic location to throw a towel down and forget the stresses of life. The Daily Mail has a great list of articles on Greek Islands, including Corfu, offering inspiration for your trip.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a bustling city, just like any of the European capitals, but it is spread so far and wide it feels a little less squashed – unlike London, Paris or Berlin! It’s an ideal location for a couple who want to experience some urban exploring and a totally different culture, while still being in a country that generally speaks English. The range of museums and iconic sights in Budapest make it a great cultural city if you’re prepared to do a lot of walking.

If walking isn’t really your idea of a holiday, and would instead favour spending the day relaxing in a quaint café on the edge of town, it’s worth making a late-night trip to Gellért Hill. It’s a 15-minute paved walk to the top, and once there you can find unrivalled views of the Budapest cityscape – the perfect setting for any romantic evening.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

If the idea of a busy city isn’t what you want on a romantic break, and would prefer a secluded lake with views of unrivalled beauty, then Lake Bled in Slovenia is the option for you. The background looks as if it was dreamt up by Walt Disney, with equally clear water and a small picturesque church in the middle of the lake only accessibly by rowing boat.

You can find some local delicacies in the small town above the lake, before heading down to set up a picnic blanket on the edge of the water. There are few better ways to escape the daily routine than heading to a quiet lake in the middle of Slovenia with your other half. As the water is so clean and clear, after your picnic you can both jump in and experience the cleansing feeling of swimming in a chilled freshwater lake.

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