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Ten Adventurous Places to Visit in Western Australia

Australia is a big place, but if travellers only go to the Eastern part of the country they stand to lose out on experiencing some of the most spectacular scenery and events that the country can offer. Most people who go on trips to Australia seem to keep to the cities and well-known landmarks, and while this is a perfectly decent way to spend a holiday – the cities have much to offer in the way of shopping, nightlife, and food, after all – simply keeping to the beaten track means losing out on so many unique and wonderful memories that they could make.

Keep in mind that this list is one of my own making: what I think is interesting and exciting to visit in Western Australia may not be to everyone’s tastes. Keep my recommendations in mind, but if you hear of something which appeals to you more – go and do that.

Drive over the Bungle Bungles

Bungle Bungles are bee-hive shaped rock formations which were formed by active faults in the region millions of years ago. The road through these rock formations is very rough, and can only be done in a vehicle which is good for off-roading. There is also a plane journey for the faint of heart (or stomach).

Walk the Knox Gorge

Knox Gorge forms a big part of Karijini National Park. To reach the area requires hiking down into the Gorge itself, and clambering over the purple and red rocks which are what are what made the area famous. At the very end of the gorge, a ravine offers wonderful views of the landscape below.

Self-guided Hike to Emmas Gorge

Access to the entire gorge is only possible if you have access to an off-roading vehicle, but normal cars can reach the North part. Part of the River Road, this features a sixty five feet long droplet waterfall, and a wonderful area to swim in, if a little rocky.

Snorkel “The Drift” at Turquoise Bay

This is possibly one of the best snorkelling experience you will ever have! Swim out to where the current hits, and stop swimming and let the current take you downstream.

Go Quad Biking

Coral Bay is repeatedly called one of most amazing quad biking experiences. People who go to Coral bay can go over sand dunes, and see the scenery, and maybe even spot turtles if they are lucky!

See Whales

The Ningaloo Coast is the place to go for whale shark diving in Western Australia, with tours and snorkelling trips arranged all the time, you can get really close to these and other marine wildlife!

Hancock Gorge

Be Spiderman for a while at this gorge so narrow, there is no room for both dry land and the river at the bottom, leaving visitors to climb using their hands and feet in the rock face.

Swim with Stingrays

In Hamelin bay, there is the opportunity to swim with giant sting rays. Just don’t annoy them!

See Wild Dolphins

The Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury has lots of dolphins, both tame and wild. You can take a swim with the wild ones!

Climb the Gloucester Tree

The Gloucester Tree is over sixty metres in height, and people can climb it to see what is one of the best views in the forest.

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