Take an Antigua Holiday and Experience Spectacular Beaches

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Antigua is best known for its outstanding beaches, making it a popular tourist destination, with thousands of travelers flocking to the Caribbean every summer. If you are thinking of the best place to go for a summer holiday, an Antigua holiday is what you need. Antigua holiday is the dream of every beach lover with the island being a home to 365 beaches said to represent each day in every year. Below is a list of 4 must visit beaches in Antigua to make your holiday memorable:

1. Dickenson bay

This archetypal Caribbean beach for the Caribbean island is a must visit on your holiday to Antigua. This beach is only a mile of west facing golden sand whereby there are outstanding hotels that stands shoulder to shoulder. The beach is lively with water sports, beach bars and it is filled with people. If you are looking something quieter, there is a beach extension to the south which is lovely and much quieter. Anyone can visit the beach and guest’s hotels are ready for you.(Image by Alessandra Pistoni)

Graybit www.graybit.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Dickenson bay Antigua Holiday and Experience Spectacular Beaches

2. Pigeon point beach

This beach is located at the mouth of Falmouth harbor. It is the main public beach on the south coast. Loaded with sea grape trees and the occasional palm, it offers you calm and shallow water making it perfect for you especially if you are traveling with your children.

The beach is usually quiet during weekdays with only a few bathers from the neighboring hotels. These hotels have stylish setting on an open-sided deck at the other end of the beach, with tables overlooking the loungers and a sandy garden. At this beach you will experience outstanding elegance of the beach extension, menu, and wines.

3. Dark wood beach

Located at the south-west corner of the island, the beach is remote by Antigua standards and somehow underdeveloped with only a few beach bars and small hotels. However, the sand is stunningly white and sunset views are just awesome. In most cases, independent travelers who are in need of escaping from the crowd come here. The beach is superb with lively atmosphere.

The beach is usually popular with cruise ship passengers who at times turn up on trips but if you go late in the afternoon, you can avoid these crowds. This because in the afternoons the crowd is usually back on board.

4. Fort bay

This is another beach that you cannot afford to miss. All you need is to just follow the road down to Fort James and head for the coast where you will find this wonderful beach. It is popular with cruise ship but it is a great place to go on a holiday. The beach is gorgeous and the water is spectacular with a perfect shade of blue. You can wander up to the fort and you can find people to play volley with. Some of other activities that you can engage in in this beach are kite flying, swimming, bird viewing, and more. It is also a perfect place for sunbathing.(Image by David Stanley)

Graybit www.graybit.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Fort bay Antigua Holiday and Experience Spectacular Beaches

A lot can happen on your visit to the Antigua Caribbean. With its numerous islands, you can experience more than you ever imagined. The above beaches are just a sample of what you can experience here. If planning a vacation, put Antigua beaches in your travel itinerary but you need to book your hotels and tours in advance to be able to explore the island to the fullest. For effective travel, bust book your hotels and tours in advance and you may be pleasantly surprised.


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