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Do you travel as often as you’d like to?

In a difficult economy, the answer is probably no. Taking a vacation necessitates spending a lot of money. Flights and accommodation are the biggest factors. The first two can be negotiated. Cheap flights are not the best, but only last so long, and you can go somewhere close if need be. Not every holiday needs to be packed with sightseeing either.

But when it comes to accommodation, skimping on quality means compromising your entire vacation.

When you book a cheap hotel room, you’re almost guaranteeing disappointment. It’s difficult to enjoy what is meant to be a holiday when you’re cramped with your family in a tiny room, uncomfortable and stressed.

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Millions of vacations end before they begin


Sometimes events happen at exactly the wrong time. Even happy occasions can stop you in your tracks. You’ve planned your vacation carefully, considered what you thought were all the possible interruptions, but at the last minute someone close to you gets engaged. All of a  sudden your holiday is ruined.

What’s worse is that when you try to salvage the money you’ve already spent, you find that you’re not getting much or any of it back.

Most hotels have a no-refunds policy, and when you look at the statistics you can understand why. In the U.S. alone, 220 000 hotel reservations are cancelled every day! These cancellations have a severe impact on the travel industry as a whole.

However, this situation can now be used to your advantage.

An empty hotel room is waiting for you


Because of the enormous scale of this problem, it’s highly likely that your perfect hotel room is now standing empty, despite having been paid for. And, on the brink of losing their money, the holders of the bookings are ready to give them away at bargain prices.

Up until recently, it’s been incredibly difficult to take advantage of these desperate sales.

No one plans on cancelling a booking. As such, it’s just not possible to base your trip on someone else’s bad luck. If you somehow manage to find the perfect match, you can’t really be sure that it’s as perfect as it sounds or if the seller is at all reliable.

But a company called Roomer have found a way to make “recycling” hotel rooms simple.

Roomer’s hotel-marketplace for recycled hotel rooms


Roomer have come up with the innovative idea of a “hotel-marketplace”, where buyers are matched up with frustrated sellers. It allows sellers to list their bookings at a fraction of the price (Roomer recommends at least 50% discount).

They make cheap hotels especially easy to find. And in this case, the price is not proportionate to the quality.

We found that listings with discounts of up to 85%, were often for 4 or 5 star hotels!

Verified and taken care of

The customer service makes Roomer particularly pleasant to use. The process is as simple as any bookings website. And it’s more secure as well. To make it work, Roomer has an automated authentication system which ensure that every booking is exactly what is promised. So you don’t have to worry about the seller or even the hotel misleading you.

Payment is also simple and safe. Buyers and sellers never exchange details. Everything is done through Roomer.

More comfort, more often

Saving on hotel bookings is not just great in the short term. It means you’ll find you’re able to afford to travel more often in the long term as well.

It’s now really easy to travel at discount rates. We highly recommend that Roomer would be your first choice of hotel deals before you next travel, and see what gems you can uncover.