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Manila travel advice

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, has become a sort of tourist stop in recent years due to heavy traffic and pollution. It is a crowded and turbulent city with not much interfering with its physical beauty, with many people merely passing through Manila to other Asian destinations. However, not all aspects of Manila are lost. This is a city with exciting nightlife and energy that does not fit. In fact, for tourists who can get to the fast pace of the city, it is much more enjoyable for them than they could have imagined. However, delays are expected during the schedule – traffic can end up anywhere and wait for arrival.tin this article we are going to look at some of the Manila travel advice you should consider

Always take care of your belongings

Shaking items and searching for items is also expected when you enter an essential department (shopping malls, hotels, and even restaurants) – safety is a priority in the Philippines. When it is frustrating, it gets used during your stay. Keep things close to you in crowded places (flea markets, train stations, and sidewalks as well) and pay attention to questionable offers from snatchers, pickpockets, and con men who use various methods of distraction and escape to their advantage. And you may need to be away from the city during the rainy season (June-November);

Explore nightlife

The purpose of this guide for the Philippines is to focus on natural and artificial pleasure alike. Manila nightlife is vibrant, attractive, and very fun. Manila is the nightmare of the Philippines, and Angeles City, just 90 miles from Manila, is the heart and soul of nightlife. There are plenty of bars, casinos, nightclubs, and discos that you will not miss during the day. Women in Manila are known for their beauty and charm. So, if you are interested in dating in the Philippines, you can contact them in advance through a reliable dating site. Your vacation will be even more impressive if you meet the woman of your dreams in an exotic and charming environment.

Plan your sightseeing carefully to reduce the time spent in traffic jams

As in all major cities in the world, Manila traffic can drive everyone crazy, especially during rush hour. It is therefore worth carefully planning your sightseeing trip and passing through the area so that you do not have to spend extra time on the way. For example, if you first want to see the Intramuros area, you should also check out nearby museums and not leave them for another day. Get advice from locals or refer to a map to determine your course. Manila tourist attractions are located around the Gulf of Manila. At the north end, you will see the ruins of Intramuros. There you can browse museums or play golf on a course built on an ancient trench. Intramuros is home to the Manila Temple, one of the most important churches in the Philippines. Behind Intramuros stands Luneta.

Shopping in Manila

The modern Makati Shangri-La Mall 699 is located in Manila, across from Ayala Boulevard, in the heart of Makati Central Business District, next to the mall. Makati Shangri-La is in many ways the most memorable and modern hotel with the best help. Hotels in Manila, Philippines, are also happily built to attract many more locals and foreigners. Located in Greenhills Mall San Juan, this mid-range luxury mall is a famous mall with relatively inexpensive, unique, and elegant discoveries. Shoppers can find nearly a thousand small shops and stalls selling clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, high-quality export food, and electronic gadgets. The place is more developed than Divisoria, it has the shape of a shopping center, so it is air-conditioned. Roads can be very crowded, especially on weekends and holidays. Outside the shopping area, there are plenty of facilities for eating and relaxing, after long market hours, to get a better deal.

Put on the right clothing

Remember that Manila is a tropical country, and although it can be unbearably hot most of the year, it can also be rainy. So while you can always wear shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops, you should only wear a jacket when the weather is terrible. You can also easily travel and buy extra clothes on arrival or when you need them. Also, when staying at a hotel, you do not want to get wet because it is raining while walking around the city. So it is a good idea to always have an umbrella with you when you are out all day. Umbrellas of different colors and sizes – exceptionally compact, folding – are available at many shopping malls nearby.

Always use metered tax

Land travel, though comfortable, has its problems. As with all developing countries, they can be very creative about new ways to separate from your money. One of their favorites is taxi fares. In Asia, where they metered taxis, they do not offer charter fares unless it suits them financially. Always pick the metered tax in the Philippines.that way, you will not have to pay any “special fare” that may arise in the course of your journey, which will come to you creatively.

If you use a horse-drawn carriage, make sure you know the rate

There are a few things to keep in mind when staying: If you want to take the kalesa (horse-drawn carriage) in the most critical areas of the city, make sure you and the driver are sure about the fare (250 pesos per hour is a good deal); Nevertheless, the latter will convince and try to increase its stake along the way. Do not give in; they can be very stubborn and even irritating.


As a foreign tourist who wants to travel to Manila, there are some issues you can consider to make the most of your vacation. While this is a safe place to travel, you should often be aware of pickpockets or scams that are usually after foreign tourists as they are new to this place. It is essential to respect the local culture and people and to look out for each other. By following the simple instructions in this Philippine travel guide, you can discover the authentic flavor of this country, and there is nothing better than tasting it a night out and nature tours.

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