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Lesser Known Great Travel Attractions In New York City

When it comes to New York, everybody knows about attractions like the Empire State Building, the Statue Of Liberty or the new World Trade Center. While these are obviously great attractions, people that visited the city several times will want something new. With this in mind, let us take into account some of the attractions that are usually not on the radar. You will like them and you will want to consider them when planning your family holiday to New York or when you simply want to visit alone.

City Reliquary Museum

This is a small Brooklyn attraction that is dedicated to the history of the city. It includes various trinkets that are as old as 1964, a model (scale size) of USS Monitor and various other items of interest for history lovers. This is a city that stands out because of the fact that it is dedicated to esoterica. There are many hand drawn illustrations of various landmarks in NYC and historians always recommend this site.

Merchant’s House Museum

This is a favorite for Travel Tipsor since it is a site that is so much more different than what you are used to. It is one that is particularly attractive for those that love the paranormal. We are referring to a nineteenth century house that was the residence of the Treadwell family. There are various reports stating that one of the daughters is currently haunting the museum. If you can visit during Halloween, this is one destination that you will surely want to include in the tour that you create.

Hall Of Fame For Great Americans

This hall of fame was founded in the year 1900 and stands out as the original building of its kind. The main architectural feature is an open-air colonnade that is 630 feet high, offering a great view of Cloisters over Harlem River. There are close to 100 busts made out of bronze that are featured, including those of George Westinghouse and Eli Whitney.

Roosevelt Island

The small isle located on the East River is one that will most likely be really popular in the future. A campus will be opened there in a few years and the Four Freedoms Park was recently built, offering quite a great attraction in itself. In order to get there, you will take NYC’s only commuter tram that works. There is a lighthouse (gothic style) that stands in the northern part of the isle and you will want to also check out the Smallpox Hospital ruins.

Paley Center For Media

The Paley Center For Media is basically a museum that is dedicated to pop culture. It was the Museum of Television and Radio in the past and was eventually renamed. This is a museum that now features around 150,000 clips that are coming from radio programs, TV shows, podcasts and much more. Many TV addicts visit during the public program. Admissions are quite cheap, just $10, with discounts for children, students and seniors. With cable tv statistics still showing strong viewership numbers across the country, it’s unlikely that the popularity of this attraction will drop off any time soon.

Snug Harbor Cultural Center

You would have to take the ferry but as soon as you get to your destination, you will be faced with a multidisciplinary art center that you would love. In the past this was a seamen’s retirement house. Snug Harbor stands out as the cultural scene of Staten Island and there is also a Botanical Garden that you will appreciate.

By Adrian Cruce

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