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Intriguing Benefits of Thalassotherapy

The use of seawater for therapeutic purposes has been an ancient practice amongst different communities that usually live near oceans and seas. These communities hold the belief that the seawater contains certain properties that are useful in treating a variety of ailments.

It was formally considered an ancient practice that had no place in modern medicine. However, people are now starting to look for an alternative to conventional drugs, medicine and practices because some of these have turned out to be more harmful than good. As a result, the ancient practice of thalassotherapy has begun gaining prominence around the world as a natural healing therapeutic process.

The underlying principle of thalassotherapy is that the minerals, metals and algae contained in the seawater can help cure common ailments naturally, without harming the body. Some of these minerals and metals include iodide, sodium, magnesium and potassium, elements that have been scientifically proven to have enormous benefits to the human body.

In modern history, thalassotherapy centres began to appear in France during the 19th century. This marked the re-emergence of this ancient practice as a legitimate curative process. These centres have continued to develop across different countries and regions such as around the Dead Sea, Britain, Greece, and the North African coastline.

How does thalassotherapy work?

During a session of thalassotherapy, the skin absorbs these components, which then travel throughout the body, healing and refreshing it.

It is important to note that this curative process is not only limited to the water. The seaweed, sand, and mud, alongside the seawater, are all used in this therapeutic process. This natural therapy can be experienced by any individual, who is living near a sea but, if you have skin problems, it may be imperative to consult your doctor before opting for this therapy. You might have to be extra careful if you are in a medication period or getting treated by any skin treatment device. This is because most hospitals tend to use sophisticated equipment supplied by aesthetic medical device companies that have their pros and cons to operate. Similarly, if you are consuming any medicine or indulged in a therapy you may need to take the advice from your medical expert about its pros and cons in order to avoid any future complications.

What are some of the benefits of thalassotherapy?

Owing to the essential elements found in seawater, individuals can derive the following benefits from undergoing thalassotherapy.

  • Promotes healthy blood circulation- the elements contained in the seawater can help improve blood circulation throughout your body. This will help enhance oxygen supply to your cells, as well as remove waste materials such as carbon dioxide quicker from the cells. While this therapy helps, it cannot be considered a permanent, one-time fix for optimal health. You should no doubt put the effort to keep yourself healthy and complement this therapy with nutritious food, exercise, and dietary supplements such as NAC 900 Mg to keep your cells healthy and support lung health.
  • Enhances the detoxification process-Thalassotherapy treatments have been known to boost the elimination of toxins from the body.
  • Helps to regulate the acidity of your body- these treatments have the potential to improve and balance the acidity level of the body staving off diseases.
  • Can assist in pacifying stomach problems- the elements in this form of curative process have been shown to have a positive impact on the gut, helping relieve stomach or intestinal issues, as well as promoting a healthy digestive system.
  • Can help boost your immune system- the elements found in the seawater are known to have beneficial effects on our immune systems. When the skin absorbs the trace elements from the seawater, they go directly into the bloodstream, and begin contributing to the efficiency of your immune system. If paired with dietary aids like cell regeneration supplements over the long term, there can be significant change in the vitality of the body.
  • Can be used to enhance one’s muscular system- some of the elements found in these treatments can help manage common muscular ailments, as well as promote the growth of healthy muscular tissue.

Duration of treatment

For long-term benefits of the treatment, it is advisable to undergo intensive sessions. This is because the efficiency of a thalassotherapeutic cure heavily relies on the length of the therapeutic sessions as well as their intensity.

If you will be undertaking the treatments in a day spa, then it is recommended that you seek thalassic treatment 3-4 times a week. However, if you will only be spending a week in a resort spa, then it is advisable to increase the intensity of your sessions by having 3-4 sessions every day of that week.

You can find the best thalassotherapy practitioners and treatments in the region in our luxury spa Bali . Our practitioners are specially trained to offer a variety of thalassotherapeutic treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed, re-energized, balanced, and healthy. Some of our most popular treatments include hydrotherapy, algotherapy, and physiotherapy. We only use pure and clean seawater for our thalassotherapy treatments guaranteeing you all of the enormous benefits that this ancient therapeutic treatment can offer.

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