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How to keep safe in a game of airsoft while travelling

Airsoft is one of the most popular outdoor sports in the world, with millions of people engaging in this activity every week, you can find all sort of places all over the world to play. If you’ve been thinking of taking it up though, you should know that staying safe is often more important than winning the game. The chances that you become accustomed to the gear you need to use and the tactics involved by airsoft, in general, are high if you join a team or if you already have a group of friends who like airsoft.

However, in terms of safety, you can never be too safe. Almost anyone can enjoy a game, regardless the gender or age, but there are strict safety protocols that everyone should abide by. On the airsoft field, you need to stick to a set of safety rules and guidelines which are in place so that every player remains safe all throughout the game.

In this article, we will highlight some of the equipment you will need if you plan to take up airsoft in your spare time, as well as other tips.

Don’t forget your face mask and goggles

Your face might be more or less prone to injuries, but the area where you need superior protection is your eyes. Some steel balls can travel through the air by speeds of 150 fps to 300 fps, so it’s safe to say that if one of them hits your eye, you can suffer a severe injury and even maybe lose your sight.

When it comes to getting goggles and face masks, as well as helmets, what you need to know is that all of these products are categorized in accordance with several requirements and standards, with the ANSI and ASTM being the most common ones.


While reading about airsoft could help you become an experienced player, what you definitely need to be aware of are the laws and regulations of every place. Treat your guns as if they were the real thing, which is to say that your finger should be off the trigger and pointed away from any individuals that might get hurt.

In addition to all of this, it is a good idea to transport your weapons with discretion. Nobody knows that what you are carrying is, in fact, airsoft guns, because many of the weapons out there are made to look as realistically as possible. Of course, it is true that actual firearms have completely different legalities altogether. Unlike real guns, where you would have to be extra careful and do ample research to understand ammunition use (m855 vs m193 for example) depending on the situation and weapon used, airsoft guns make use of pellets that cannot cause the same harm, but can hurt nevertheless. It’s therefore important that you handle them in a similar way as you would any real gun and understand enough about the regulations surrounding it.

Whatever you do, never try to play a game of airsoft in a park or in any other public place. All games should happen on private properties so as to ensure that all of the participants are safe and are aware of the activities. This way, they can stay out of your shooting range and have no risk of getting hurt.

Don’t risk getting a fine

If you use a silencer, you will have to register it as otherwise, it will be illegal. Furthermore, you need to use your weapon judiciously and avoid pointing it out at an unarmed individual unless you feel threatened and it’s with a self-defense purpose. If you don’t stick to this rule, you might go to jail for assault with a deadly weapon.

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