Great Accommodation Options in Madrid for Your Honeymoon

Congratulations to everyone who is about to head to Madrid for a holiday! Madrid is a beautiful place like no other. When you arrive in Madrid, you’ll be greeted by many beautiful medieval buildings that celebrate the city’s heritage. But don’t let the old buildings fool you, for the nightlife in Madrid is world-famous for being wild and a totally unforgettable experience.
With all that fun stuff waiting, you definitely don’t want to mess the trip up by picking the wrong hotel! Especially when you’re headed to incredible Madrid on a honeymoon or romantic trip. This article will be about the top five hotels in Madrid, all of which have been curated and pre-selected to ensure that your trip goes well!
It’s time to showcase the top five Madrid hotels of all time, each of these hotels have a different history and heritage. But all of them are definitely going to give your trip that special added bonus that will make you glad you chose a great hotel to rest in after long and exciting nights!

1. Artrip Hotel

The Artrip Hotel is one of a kind, as it is an Art Hotel. By having 17 beautifully renovated rooms set in a building older than a 100 years, you can be sure that this is a stay you’ll remember for a very long time.

2. Only You Hotel & Lounge

Another hotel over a 100 years old, but this time in a 19th century palace! The best thing about the Only You Hotel & Lounge apart from it’s heritage and age is it’s close proximity to the Chueca Metro Station, a short 3 minutes walk connects you to the entire city.

3. Hotel Hesperia Madrid

Hotel Hesperia Madrid is a particularly special gem of Madrid, set within walking distance of the National Archaeological Museum of Spain, this luxe 5-star hotel has marble bathrooms and exceptional service. Any guest in Madrid will definitely feel welcome in the Hotel Hesperia, it’s one of the top 10 tripadvisor hotels in Madrid and has almost perfect reviews every single time!

madrid at night

4. Hotel Atlantico

Hotel Atlantico is an upscale hotel for those not particular about budget! Being just a minute’s walk away from the Callao metro station and 1.6 kilometres away from the Madrid Famous Museo del Prado makes it a great choice for older travellers looking to easily explore the great city of Madrid.

5. Hotel Liabeny

Hotel Liabeny offers a good balance between price and comfort, with a urban building set in old Madrid, you will enjoy the sophisticated rooms awaiting you at the Hotel Liabeny.
Most of all, Madrid is a city to be explored on the streets. No matter which hotel you choose, be sure to roam the streets and find out the true spirit of Madrid for yourselves! Rumoured to have Europe’s craziest nightlife, you and your partner can party the night away along the many bars of Madrid. Be sure to stay safe, enjoy yourselves and most of all, PLAN AHEAD to have the most enjoyable vacation possible.

In conclusion, we hope that the information above can help you make the right hotel decision for your upcoming trip to beautiful Madrid! Do remember to compare the hotels well so that you can pick the perfect hotel, for the perfect romantic vacation.


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